10 Top Tips to Help You Succeed at Your adidas Job Interview

Interview questions at adidas

What attracted you to the position? Tell us about yourself. Why did you choose Adidas?

Adidas REAL video interview

To help you prepare for an Adidas job interview, here are 32 interview questions and answer examples.

Adidas was written by Jordan Henry and updated on July 17th, 2018. Learn more here.

What do you hope to learn from this job at Adidas?

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  • Employees at Adidas have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills. Share what you hope to get out of your experience at Adidas. Review the job description and information about related careers to help you get a better idea of what you have to look forward to. Discuss how this position will help you in your career.

    “I am looking to lay the foundation for the rest of my career with this position. I hope to increase my already strong skills in sales as well as learn more about running a store — someday, I would love to become a store manager or open my own small retail business.”

    “I hope to gain stronger skills in communication and customer service. I understand that retail can be challenging because of the multiple personalities you are faced with on a daily basis. I believe this will help my confidence to grow, and my sales skills as well.”

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    adidas interview questions

    Find out how you can nail your next job interview and kickstart your career at adidas.

    So you’ve formed your opinion about adidas, trawled open positions on the adidas jobs site, composed an online application, submitted your CV and cover letter and now you’ve now been invited for a personal interview. But interviews are tricky, right?

    A quick Internet search will return pages upon pages of advice and guidance on how to act… how to dress… how to prepare… it’s a minefield to navigate. This becomes even more difficult when you add into the mix the excitement of that interview being with an aspirational brand like adidas.

    Well, the good news is, when we interview we want to see you at your best! To help you get there, our Global Recruitment Team has compiled a list of top “DO’S & DON’TS” to consider when preparing for your adidas job interview.

    But before we dive in, I won’t pretend these will work for other businesses but rather they will help you to understand the rules of our game.

  • Be relaxed and have a positive mindset. There really is nothing to be scared of. Our managers want to feel your passion and to understand your skills. This will help them imagine where you would fit within the team and what value you can bring.
  • Be Yourself. Our culture is really very important to us (learn more about it here and here). We are really looking to meet and understand the real you. Authenticity and honesty are key!
  • Be Prepared. Our managers want to see your commitment level, motivation and initiative. This includes a solid understanding of the job, our business, our marketplace and our competitors. Our Company Website as well as this Blog can be valuable sources for your research. But don’t forget the small details that can have a big impact – like knowing where and when the interview is and turning up at the right place on time!
  • Be Clear and Concise. Our managers are looking to get to what you do best quickly. Be ready with examples of your achievements and stay on track with your answers.
  • Be Curious. A few well thought-out questions will go a long way in demonstrating your thought process, values/wants and understanding of the role – all of which will be important for the manager to understand.
  • adidas interview questions

  • Don’t over-/underdress. We are a sports company, dress accordingly. Wearing competitor products is a BIG NO-GO! Sports by nature are competitive; the sports industry is no different. Our managers will expect to see that you understand and respect that.
  • Don’t over-/undersell yourself. Deal in facts. Our managers will look for examples and would expect these to be presented in a calm but confident way.
  • Don’t speak poorly of past professional/personal experiences. Doing so will lead a manager to question your loyalties to our brand in the future.
  • Don’t ask about Perks/Salaries. Our managers want to get to know you; HR will discuss the package at the right time.
  • Don’t name-drop. The sports industry is small and everyone knows everyone. Name-dropping could lead a manager to think you are hoping your relationships will get you in. If you’re confident in your abilities this won’t be necessary.
  • So there we have it. Follow these 10 simple steps and you can’t go far wrong. With that I will sign off with two key points: Firstly, don’t get discouraged if you are not successful first time round. Ask for feedback and work on those points. Managers will like that you have addressed these points and have worked towards improving upon them.

    Secondly, GOOD LUCK, I hope to see you around the World of Sports soon.

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