17 Ikea Interview Questions [+Includes Best Answers]

We find the right talent and ensure you are a fit for our culture thanks to a simple, 3-step recruitment process. It will also help you find the job that best matches your skills and interests. After you apply for a position that you are interested in, an IKEA recruiter will reach out to you after reviewing your application. Here’s the typical process you can expect:

Some of us wear yellow shirts. Some of us don’t. But we all like to roll up our sleeves and work together to create a future where things keep on getting better. All co-workers are scattered across the globe in retail stores, customer fulfillment centers, and offices. Wherever we are, we all contribute to creating a better everyday life for the many people.

Top 5 Most Commonly Asked IKEA Interview Questions and Answers

8. Working at IKEA Has Its Challenges. How Do You Plan to  Stay Motivated?

You need to stay motivated to give your all in your job. Every job has its challenges, and without the right motivation, you may think of quitting. Convince the interviewer that you won’t lack motivation in your job and will always give your best. Do not mention money or employee discounts.

Sample Answer

I understand the challenges involved in this job, given that this is a busy environment. However, I believe that I will learn new things and meet new challenges that will motivate me to be better and give my all. This corporation also values teamwork, which I find highly motivating. Lastly, I will take great pride in mentoring and coaching others, which will motivate me.

14. Have You Ever Dealt With a Difficult Customer? How Do You Normally Handle Them?

This is a common question in retail interviews that you should expect. ‘Difficult’ is quite a broad term that may mean lots of things. You are at liberty to talk about various customers such as those with endless questions, complainers or those who don’t understand simple instructions. Convince the interviewer that you will remain calm and professional.

Sample Answer

I have dealt with many difficult customers before, including some who incessantly ask me out, even though my main concern is selling the company’s goods. I usually try as much as possible to remain calm and avoid pointless arguments. I normally do my best to address their requests or turn them down if they are against the work policy. All in all, I make all customers feel appreciated.

17. We Need Someone Who Has a Flexible Schedule. Can We Count on You?

IKEA stores are generally open at odd times such as during the evenings, weekends and most holidays. Most retail positions also require people who can work at different times. Convince the interviewer that you do not have a problem committing to the hours they will be open. You can also mention anything that will hinder your availability.

Sample Answer

I am willing to offer a flexible schedule and even work overtime if called upon. However, I usually have evening classes on Wednesdays and Fridays and cannot be available for evening shifts during those days.

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