32 UI Interview Questions and Answers [2022 Prep Guide]

Majored in English but fell in love with design since my last year of college, I made a choice to quit my first job as a visa officer and devoted myself into my beloved UI/UX design industry. It’s not easy for me, I’ve had like more than 10 interviews before I got my current job. Checked on tremendousUI design questions and answers, also with my own experiences, I collected these 20 questions that were frequently asked. Hope this can help you to prepare your UI interview.

Junior UI design interview questions
  • Why did you decide to become a UI designer? …
  • Tell me about a recent UI project that you worked on. …
  • What was your design process, and how did you validate your decisions? …
  • Can you describe an app that meets your ideal UI design, and why? …
  • How do you keep up with design trends?

Google User Interface (UI) Interview Question

Give an Example of an App That You Think Has a Strong UI Design. What Do You Think It Does Well?

This is an opportunity for you to talk about your taste and design values—identify sources of inspiration, draw connections between the strengths of a design and how they might affect the user, and highlight elements such as graphics, buttons, fonts, and color that you believe contribute to a website or platform’s usability, accessibility, and desirability. Remember: this question isn’t just about your taste in design—recruiters are also looking to see if you understand how design decisions affect the user experience. Point to examples like Pinterest’s waterfall flow card design, which improves visibility and creates a more “clickable” product—or Figma’s animated tooltip pop-ups, which enhance usability for beginner users.

How Did You Get Started in Creating User Interfaces?

One way to think of this question is as an invitation to show your passion for the craft. Instead of giving the interviewer your life story, come prepared with a story about what drew you to UI design in the first place, how your background might have informed your interest, and whether there are any case studies that are particularly illustrative of what drives you as a designer. Remember: although there is no wrong answer to this type of question, the strongest answers show the recruiter that you have the creativity, problem-solving skills, and motivation to be a valuable addition to the organization.

10. Why should I hire you?(i was asked)

Among all UI design questions and answers, this one is my least like question. If you have no design experience, just prove your willingness to learn is not enough. You must show them you have a good learning ability, I mentioned I learned PS skill by myself.

What Design Process Do You Follow and How Do You Validate Your Decisions?

A strong case study is crucial to successfully answering this question. Think of a project you’ve worked on (it might be the same as the one used to answer the previous question) and walk the interviewer through each step of the UI/UX design process. Some of the questions you might try to answer include how you incorporated user research and usability testing into your designs, what you learned from design trends, how each step—from the initial wireframes, mockups, personas, and information architecture to prototypes and the final layout—informed the next, and how you developed an understanding of the user experience along the way. Your response should show the interviewer that your choices were well-informed and deliberate.

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