37 Facilities Manager Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

Eight Facilities Manager Interview Questions
  • What’s your experience with facilities metrics and data? …
  • Do you have experience with workplace IoT products? …
  • What’s your familiarity with crisis management? …
  • What is your approach to facility maintenance, both proactive and reactive? …
  • Are you familiar with any FM technologies?

Top 20 Facilities Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Why did you apply for a job of a Facilities Manager?

You should actually answer two questions in your response:

  • What you expect to get from this job (in terms of experience, daily life enjoyment, and career growth).
  • What you want to give back for the compensation (experience with similar work, excellent management and communication skills, your motivation to turn the building to something better, etc).
  • The key is to show them that you have also their goals on your mind, that you did not apply only because this job pays well, and you will enjoy doing it.

    For example, you can say that you know the problems their buildings experience right now, and that you can envision yourself addressing these problems, and making the place better for everyone.

    1. Which facilities management software are you familiar with?

    Look for candidates that are familiar with a variety of software applications. Candidates should also demonstrate computer literacy.

    How do you imagine your typical day in work as a facilities manager?

    While a typical day varies from one location to another, you should show them that you have some idea, and most importantly that you want to proactively look for things to improve.

    You can say that you plan to make a daily inspection of each building under your supervision, to ensure everything is in place, talking to staff and supervising their work, addressing any problems that may arise (with water, heating, etc).

    You can also say that you plan to work on feasible plans of continuous renovation of each building in your “portfolio”, and work on realization of these plans.

    Ensure them that you want to be busy in work, that you will actively seek for things to do, in order to improve the facilities…

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    2. What are your preferred strategies to lower energy usage in a facility while maintaining productivity?

    A hiring manager might ask this question if one of their organizations values is sustainability or the organizations leadership wants to reduce energy usage from a cost standpoint. When you answer this question, use specific examples and explain how these measures allow the company to operate effectively.

    Example: “I believe in efficient use of energy. First, I always recommend facilities switch to energy-saving appliances and light bulbs when they can, which can increase their efficiency and reduce energy usage while still providing the same amount of light or heat. I also like to incorporate technology to lower energy usage, like smart thermostats that shift to an efficiency mode outside of normal business hours and motion-detector light switches. By reducing the energy that a facility uses outside of its normal operating hours, you can really make your business more sustainable.”

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