8 Marketing Interview Questions [Updated 2022]

Interview Questions for Marketing Strategists:
  • What do you use to measure social media metrics? …
  • Can you describe a successful campaign that you developed? …
  • How do you judge the success of a campaign? …
  • How do you decide which social media platforms should be used?

How To Prepare for a MARKETING JOB INTERVIEW // Common marketing interview questions and answers

20 Social Media Marketing Interview QuestionsMarketing on social media means more than slapping creative captions on goofy GIFs. Narrow down candidates who actually know how to do marketing on social (rather than just know a lot about social media) with this list of inquiries:

  • Do you have a strong grasp on basic marketing principles?
  • How would you rate your creative writing skills?
  • Which social media channels do you have the most expertise with?
  • Do you have experience with audience research?
  • Which social media content types do you have experience creating?
  • Have you ever been tasked with running a social media campaign, from ideation to execution to measurement? And if so, what were the results?
  • Do you have previous experience managing online communities?
  • Have you reviewed our business’s social media presence? If so, are there any specific things you’d recommend changing?
  • Tell us about a time you were confronted with a social media crisis, and how you handled it.
  • Which metrics do you consider most important for measuring social media success?
  • Which blogs and news sources do you read to stay on top of social media trends and changes?
  • How familiar are you with running contests on Facebook without running afoul of that platform’s guidelines?
  • Do you have experience blending organic and paid social strategies?
  • Which social media platforms are your favorite for personal use?
  • What’s your opinion on using social media for customer service?
  • Are you familiar with Facebook’s guidelines on promotional posts?
  • Which social media marketing and management tools have you used in the past, and which have been your favorites?
  • What are your favorite brands on social media and what, in particular, do you think they do well?
  • In your own opinion, what can social media do to impact business outcomes that other channels and tactics can’t deliver as well?
  • Do you have experience managing a social media calendar?
  • There’s no software to download or meeting links for you to manage. Here’s how it works. Step 1

    Reach the worlds largest pool of job seekers when you post on Indeed. As candidates apply, you can connect with them on the platform. Step 2

    Our virtual interview experience is the default when you schedule time with your candidate. Step 3

    When the candidate accepts your interview invite, youll both get an email with a link to your video conference. Open the link to test your connection, and get started. Its that easy.

    Marketers develop and execute ideas to promote a company’s products, services or overall brand identity. Marketer duties and responsibilities typically include creating advertising campaigns, monitoring market trends, writing engaging sales copy and working on ads spanning TV, radio, social media, print and/or email.

    When hiring for a marketing role, look for ​​strong organization and prioritization skills, creativity and storytelling skills. Great candidates for your marketing role may also have A/B testing skills, experience working within limited budgets and strong interpersonal skills.

    Ask 5-10 of the following interview questions to get a better sense of a candidate’s marketing skills and experience.

  • A customer left a negative review of our product on a social media site. How do you respond to the customer? See answer
  • Tell us about a product that you successfully marketed. What was your strategy? See answer
  • In the case of the product that you successfully marketed, how did you assess the impact of the campaign? See answer
  • Tell me about a marketing campaign you conducted that wasn’t successful. What did you learn from that? See answer
  • Tell me about a working situation in which you had to market a product with a team of people who had very different ideas and values from you. How did you manage the situation? See answer
  • You have been charged with the task of creating a new branding campaign for a product that hasn’t been doing well. What is your process? See answer
  • How do you decide which marketing channels to use for your target audience? See answer
  • What is an innovative marketing strategy that you’d like to implement while in this position?
  • What tools do you use to measure the impact of a marketing campaign on sales?
  • How do you stay knowledgeable on marketing trends? Do you read any digital marketing publications?
  • What is your process for researching, writing and publishing a blog post?
  • What methods do you use to drive social media engagement?
  • What aspect of marketing interests you most and why?
  • How do you organize your priorities and keep clients updated?
  • What would you change about our company’s online presence?
  • Are you comfortable balancing multiple project deadlines at once?
  • How will you use this role to grow your skills and career as a marketer?
  • What strategies do you use to provide effective feedback and edits to other creatives?
  • Round 1: Getting to Know YouFirst, once a candidate has been assessed as a potential fit, a simple phone call works well. Find a time that works for both parties, and just have a simple conversation about themselves and what they do. This will give you some idea of what they’re like as a person.

  • What have you done in the past?
  • Why are you looking for a new job?
  • What are you like as a person?
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