37 Types of Bachelor’s in Psychology Jobs To Consider

Choosing to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology is an exciting and rewarding decision that can lead to a broad range of career opportunities. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, the options for job opportunities are virtually limitless and can open doors in a variety of fields. Many people tend to overlook the numerous opportunities present for those who are equipped with a bachelor’s in psychology, when in fact, there are many jobs available in the field. This blog post will explore the numerous job opportunities available with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It will discuss the different roles one may take on, the potential salaries associated with each, and the potential paths to success. In addition, it will discuss the requirements and qualifications necessary to obtain these jobs. Armed with this information, readers will be able to make informed decisions about their future and better understand the variety of positions available for those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

What is a bachelor’s in psychology?

A type of undergraduate degree known as a psychology bachelor’s focuses on a deeper comprehension of the human mind. Students learn more about the human brain, emotions, and behaviors while pursuing this degree. Normally, it takes three to five years to complete this degree.

Common course topics within a psychology degree program include:

Many psychology degree programs also have additional requirements. For instance, they might stipulate that in order to earn their degree, students must complete a certain number of general education courses. Another option is to complete a practicum or internship program. An internship-like experience known as a practicum is frequently more widespread than internships in fields like psychology.

Bachelor’s in psychology jobs

After graduation, having a psychology degree opens up a lot of job opportunities. Some jobs specifically call for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, while others are open to anyone with a well-rounded higher education degree, giving you the chance to apply for positions that aren’t directly related to psychology. Here are a few fields that frequently hire graduates of psychology bachelor’s programs, along with some illustrations of jobs in each field:


Many positions in the business sector require analysis and collaboration with others. A psychology degree can help you better understand people, and you can use this knowledge to help the business. Additionally, some jobs only require a high school diploma, so having a psychology bachelor’s degree could give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. With a psychology bachelor’s degree, you could apply for a variety of business-related positions, such as:


A psychology degree is proof that you took a range of classes at a higher education facility. This typically means that you can converse intelligently about various topics, which is a great skill for creative professionals to have. With a psychology bachelor’s degree, you could apply for a variety of creative positions, such as:


People with psychology degrees can work in a variety of positions in the education sector. While some of these jobs primarily focus on administrative work at higher education institutions, others involve working with young children. A psychology bachelor’s degree can be a great foundation for many positions, though some positions may have additional requirements, such as a teaching certificate for teachers. Some example positions include:


People with degrees in psychology may find employment at various levels of government, including state and federal governments. For instance, some work in small local offices or are experts in specific social services. Working with veterans and active duty service members is a typical career path for psychology graduates seeking employment in government. The following are a few examples of government jobs with a military connection:


Another significant employer of psychology majors is the healthcare industry, which requires staff for both administrative and direct patient care roles. Students majoring in psychology collaborate with other medical professionals to develop treatment plans for a range of patients, including those with disabilities or substance abuse problems. Hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care facilities are some organizations that employ psychology majors.

Several positions in the healthcare industry that psychology graduates might qualify for include:

Human services

Jobs in the human services sector typically focus on social assistance, such as counseling or providing food and shelter to those in need. Another industry that requires workers with interpersonal skills and a passion for helping people is human services. Although a specific degree is not always required for these positions, having a psychology bachelor’s degree could help you stand out from the competition and give you valuable insight into how people behave. Some example jobs in this field include:

Legal and law enforcement

Often, those who work in the legal and law enforcement fields need degrees in those disciplines. For instance, a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement may be beneficial for those aspiring to be police officers. Some departments, however, do not demand these particular degrees and will accept related degrees instead, like a psychology degree. With a psychology bachelor’s degree, you might be able to work in law enforcement in positions like:


A psychology bachelor’s degree can introduce you to a variety of industries. You could, for instance, work in a scientific environment, assisting researchers with their psychological research. You could also work for a non-profit, assisting them in their efforts to recruit volunteers or raise money.

Additional jobs that you might be able to obtain with a psychology bachelor’s degree include the following:

Job Prospects in Psychology: 3 Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree

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