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c3 ai interview questions

First, we recommend a core, relatively traditional data science management infrastructure, with individual data scientists reporting to managers, who in turn report to a VP of Data Science. However, one key difference from traditional technical management structures, such as those for software development, is that we generally do not recommend the use of full-time people managers. That is, we typically find more success when technical leaders who are also good managers are asked to manage small pods of data scientists, while at the same time still retaining technical responsibility and technical leadership for several tasks.

We typically recommend assigning a senior data scientist or one of the data science team leaders to oversee – using only part of their time – the AI/ML progress on each project. This senior scientist must spend sufficient time to be in on the details of the work and must be involved in the team’s day-to-day problem solving (Figure 45).

C3 AI and our clients often find a management structure combining both a project manager and a product manager to be an ideal configuration. In some cases, these roles can be collapsed into a single individual. The project manager focuses on deliverables, timelines, activities, and reporting – keeping the project train on the tracks – while the product manager focuses on the application or the solution being developed. This architecture maximizes function, scalability, and re-use, minimizes technical debt, and is aware of all aspects of maintenance, management, and ongoing operations of the AI/ML algorithms.

It is important to design the interview process carefully in order to build a strong AI/ML team. Given the challenges in finding strong technical talent, we typically recommend that our clients create as wide a funnel as possible and be prepared for a recruiting process that involves screening a large number of candidates to hire just a few individuals.

We give significant thought to the technical assessment and we design it to help us understand a candidate’s fundamental mathematical skills, general familiarity with AI/ML techniques, and coding skills. In 2019, C3 AI received 7,715 applications to our AI/ML team. We screened most of these candidates based on the resume and technical tests, interviewed nearly 400 candidates, and hired 17. Most organizations seeking to build up technical AI/ML talent should expect a similar recruiting funnel. The following figure illustrates the process.

c3 ai interview questions

Hover over to see average compensation details. This data was sourced from submissions at levels.fyi. Entry Level Distributed Systems (Back-End) 121k – Base 40k – Stock 18k – Bonus Entry Level Distributed Systems (Back-End) 125k – Base 70k – Stock 19k – Bonus Lead Software Engineer Distributed Systems (Back-End) 190k – Base 300k – Stock 29k – Bonus Senior Software Engineer Full Stack 150k – Base 450k – Stock 25k – Bonus L1 Full Stack 120k – Base 30k – Stock 18k – Bonus

The work I do at C3 is nothing short of invigorating. I am encouraged to work hard due to my belief in the companies vision and the variety of truly fascinating problems I get to solve. My colleagues at C3 are nothing short of superlative and it is an honor to work with such brilliant folks. If you are someone who does not shy away from hard work, C3 is the place for you.

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