cisco software engineer interview questions

The interview process for a software engineer at Cisco takes 2-3 weeks on average. Depending on the manner of application, the process differs a little bit. Candidates who apply online/through a recruiter: Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter Stage 2: Onsite interview The onsite interview comprises of 4 or 5 one-on-one interviews to test coding skills, ccna type skills and debugging skills. 3-4 of the interviews are technical questions, coding/design and the other interview is with the hiring manager and includes more behavioral questions. Candidates who apply through college/university: Stage 1: On-campus interview Half of it this interview is resume review and behavioral questions, the other half is technical question. Stage 2: Coding assignment (might be skipped) Stage 3: Onsite interview The onsite includes 1 technical and 1 behavioral interview.

The interview process for a data scientist at Cisco can take one week or more. Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter Stage 2-4 Video interviews with senior managers and senior quality engineers The questions are mostly regarding data science (machine learning, time series analysis, statistics etc) and about the candidates previous experience.

The interview process for a product/experience/ux ui designer at Cisco takes 2-3 weeks on average. Stage 1: Phone interview with hiring manager Stage 2: Phone interview with lead designer on the team Stage 3: Onsite interview The onsite consists of several interview sessions: First is a 1 hour portfolio review with a panel of 5 people. The candidate is asked to prepare 2-3 projects to present. After that, there is a 1 hour design challenge. The candidate is given a prompt with instructions to design something in 45 min and 15 min to present. At the end there are three 30-minute 1:1 interviews with peer designers, front end developers, and product managers.

The interview process for a product manager at Cisco takes 2-4 weeks on average. Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter Stage 2: Video interview with product/hiring manager (can be on campus if applying through university) The interview is focused on PM core skill sets and cultural fit. Stage 3: Onsite interview There are 3-4 interview sessions, mostly with with PMs, to discuss the candidates product management experience. All interviews include tech mini-cases + market sizing. Interview Interview Questions

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CISCO Interview Questions & Answers | (How to PASS a CISCO SYSTEMS, INC Job Interview!)

Interviews for Top Jobs at Cisco Systems

Software Engineer Interview


I applied through college or university. I interviewed at Cisco Systems


Two technical rounds .In first round asked about oops, networks and os and basic DSA question. In second round they will ask about any one project mentioned in cv in depth.

Interview Questions

  • Explain os and its work and any job scheduling algorithm

Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at Cisco Systems


Two back to back interviews. Each interview was one hour long.They did not ask about my experiences and they did not ask any behavioural questions.The first interview was really difficult. They asked low level systems/Linux questions.The second interview was medium leet code questions. They were pretty easy to do. They needed me to code them in C, but most of the time they did not need me to compile and show my answer. Pseudocode was generally good enough. There were also some pointer questions.

Interview Questions

  • If an application went down in production, how can you figure out the problem?

Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at Cisco Systems


Interview was quite simple. Questions were asked on DS Algo and Networking only. Aptitude covered mainly permutations and combinations with also problems asked from distance, time, speed and other topics

Interview Questions

  • Q. Types of networkingQ. Necessity for Security in Network

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(Role: Software Engineer)Round 1: 1. Tell me about yourself.(Spoke until the interviewer browsed through the resume). 2. Reversing a singly linked list. 3. Check whether the given array of elements is a heap or not. 4. Write test cases for both questions and explain how you go about to generate test cases.

Round 2: 1. Storage classes in C. Where do you use them? 2. volatile keyword and its usage in C and Java. 3. What does static do in case of static variable and static function. 4. Write a recursive function to print the numbers from 1 to 100 with the parameter passed being 100 using recursion. Explain the recursive stack. 5. Explain what happens when an interrupt occurs. Also explain the various layers and events involved when a process context switch occurs. Note: All the above questions were not directly asked. They were asked based on different scenarios.(Except in case of the recursion stack question).

Cisco Interview Questions for Freshers

Take a look at some of Cisco’s interview questions you could be asked as a fresher:Â

  • Explain the conditions for deadlock.
  • Define a firewall.
  • What is a Gateway?
  • What is routing?
  • Define OSI layers and tell us their functions.
  • Explain the differences between Switch, Routers, and Hub.
  • Explain the differences between half-duplex and full-duplex.
  • What will happen if you compile a C program?Â
  • What are the different routing protocols, and how do they work?
  • What is an IP address?
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    cisco software engineer interview questions

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    Every year, hundreds of candidates face Cisco’s interview questions. In order to ace Cisco’s interview questions, you should have good knowledge of networking concepts, computer intelligence as well as strong analytical skills.

    Cisco, a global technology giant, is well known for its networking products. It is in the business of selling a variety of networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and high-technology services. It also ranks 63 on the Fortune 100 list and earns a revenue of $49 billion, as well houses approximately 80,000 employees. Needless to say, working at Cisco is a cherished dream for many software engineers and developers.

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    In this article, we will look at the sample questions that you could expect during your Cisco interview. Here’s what we will cover in this guide:

  • Cisco interview questions for freshers
  • Cisco interview questions for experienced developers
  • Cisco interview questions software engineers
  • Cisco data engineer interview questions
  • Cisco DevOps interview questions
  • FAQs about Cisco’s interview questions
  • FAQ

    Are Cisco interviews tough?

    Is Cisco interview hard? The Interview process in Cisco could be a little challenging as it has numerous highly competitive applications from various candidates. Cisco is a popular employee-friendly place to work and it often attracts a lot of job applications.

    What are the questions asked in Cisco?

    Cisco Interview Process
    • Round 1: Technical Interview 1. It includes questions on aptitude, C language, electronics, and MCQs on various topics such as OS (virtual memory, threads, memory management), Linux threads, Linked Lists, IPCs, mutex locks.
    • Round 2: Technical Interview 2. …
    • Round 3: HR Round.

    How many rounds will be there in Cisco?

    The Cisco interview process comprises three rounds: Online Assessment Test. Technical Interview Rounds. HR Interview.

    What is the role of software engineer in Cisco?

    Support programming network features, device driver development, and new architecture of network equipment systems ranging from switches and routers to Web services and voice-enabled network applications. Experience in programming, and depending on the role, an understanding of networking fundamentals and protocols.

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