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Top 10 Dell Boomi Interview Questions
  • What do you mean by a process in Boomi?
  • What are the skills that are required when it comes to configuring the Atmosphere?
  • How Cloud-Computing is beneficial for an organization?
  • What are the chances of data loss of a cloud?

TOP 15 Dell Boomi Interview Questions and Answers 2019 Part-1 | Dell Boomi | Wisdom Jobs

Q24) How error handling is managed?

Ans: Error handling is overseen through the ‘management tab is the place users can see the integration process, its execution, and all related log and status notices. Boomi Atmosphere additionally incorporates retry abilities to guarantee messages that had an error during transit are conveyed. An Atom likewise tracks its state to guarantee that only unique data is prepared. At long last, decision logic can be configured to inquiry goal applications to ensure duplicate data isnt sent to the application.

Q5) Is there a need for an internet or atmosphere to run the atom?

Ans: Indeed, since Atom doesnt have any GUI for itself, it must be in contact with the data center to run. The atmosphere is a distributed architecture, so there is no way of one point failure. Deployed atoms run in any event, during planned maintenance of the platform with no issue.

Ans: Connectors are the methods for sending and getting data between processes. Connectors act as a correspondence vehicle for moving data between various applications or data sources. These applications or data servers could be on-premise applications, online applications or data stores, a business database, or even an email server.

Q16) Can we integrate the Atmosphere with Shopping Carts & E-commerce functionality?

Ans: Yes, we can integrate many other applications also.

Q23) What core functionality should be implemented in an MDM project?

Ans: MDM (Master Data Management) provides benefits that are compelling throughout all business departments. The following are the steps that should be implemented in an MDM project:

  • Define – Using the Boomi Suggest feature as a starting point, rapidly model master data entities through a visual experience with no coding necessary.
  • Deploy – Deploy models into the MDM repository and identify which source systems will interact with them.
  • Synchronize – Leverage Dell Boomi Atmosphere to orchestrate data synchronization. Design process flows that ensure data.
  • Govern – Govern data as it flows into the MDM system. Resolve duplicates, fix data entry issues, identify and correct erroneous data
  • Q29) Explain the typical software sales cycle?

    Ans: The typical software sales cycle includes:

  • Prospecting and generating leads
  • Initiating contact
  • Qualifying the lead
  • Presenting the product or offer
  • Booking a product demonstration
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing the deal
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Q27) How ActiveMQ and Dell Boomi can be integrated?


  • Copy ActiveMQ-core-5.4.3.jar and geronimo-j2ee-management_1.1_spec-1.0.1.jar files from your ActiveMQ to your Atom/usrlib/database (create if not there) directory.
  • Create a JNDI property file and place it in the ActiveMQ home directory.
  • You might get a NoClassDefFound error for JMS/Topic etc, meaning your Boomi lib does not have the implementation for that. You need to copy activemq-all-5.4.3.jar from the ActiveMQ home folder to Atom/lib.

    How to create JMS Connection and Operation in Boomi is not specified here, however, below properties you can use for JMS connection in Boomi:

  • Connection Factory JNDI Lookup: ConnectionFactory.
  • Initial Context Factory: org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory (default).
  • Provider URL: tcp://localhost:61616 (Default port).
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