Editor interview questions and answers

Editor interview questions
  • What books/publications/content inspires you?
  • How has your work experience prepared you for this role?
  • How do you stay motivated with repetitive tasks like proofreading, fact-checking or source-checking?
  • What are the top social media platforms for increasing content reach?

Nail Your Video Editor Interview!! Questions and Answers

Computer Software Programs and Content Management Systems

Nowadays, working as a writer or editor isnt just about putting words on a piece of paper. Employers want to know your experience with computer software programs and content management systems as well.

Here are some of the more technical questions you may face:

  • How well do you know InDesign [or Quark]?
  • Tell me about your technical skills and which programs you routinely use.
  • What page layout software are you familiar with?
  • Have you worked with any web publishing software?
  • 7. Mention a Strategy and Mindset Needed in This Field

    You can mention any strategy that makes your work as an editor better and easier. Remember, a strategy is how you go about your work. As for the mindset, mention a guiding perspective.

    Sample Answer

    A strategy that helps me in this line of work is being keen and having a good quality assessment practice. I normally share my work with other senior editors for their opinions. As for the right mindset, everyone needs results. Therefore, a result-oriented Mindset is necessary.

    9. How Do You Stay Motivated In This Role?

    What gives you the strength to wade through the challenges that editors face? Tell the interviewer your source of motivation. However, make sure that it is not a material reason.

    Sample Answer

    I love my job. The happiness I derive when I do a good job gives me the strength to work every day. I also reflect on past successes whenever I encounter a challenge which has really helped me in this career.

    Editor Interview Questions:

    Highlights the candidate’s previous experience in a similar role.

    Reveals the candidate’s knowledge of SEO and online practices.

    8. Mention the Main Challenge That You Forsee in This Job

    Have you taken time to think about some of the challenges you may face here? Mention the one that you believe ranks highest.

    Sample Answer

    I have spent most of my career working remotely. Given that this job requires us to report to the office, I may need a little time adjusting. However, I quickly adapt to change, and I’ll be good in no time.

    14. How Do You Normally Handle Criticism?

    You should expect your work to be criticized as an editor. You may be tempted to grow an ego given your essential role in publication, but that is not healthy for your career. Your answer should convince the interviewer that you appreciate criticism and improve your craft based on constructive feedback.

    Sample Answer

    My time in this field has taught me that criticism is important. I appreciate feedback from critics as they make me better at what I do. I normally ask for opinions on most of my pieces before giving the publication the green light. Therefore, I do not mind constructive feedback and receive them with an open heart.

    4. How would you give constructive feedback to a writer?

    Highlights the candidate’s communication and interpersonal skills.

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