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Read it for ideas or as a starting point to enhance your own email marketing cover letter. Simply substitute your own information for personal, professional, and application data and accomplishments.

Choosing between buzzwords from the job description and original content while worrying about making even the smallest error can make writing an email marketing cover letter feel precarious.

What else could possibly make this experience a little more enjoyable and thrilling? Relying on expert advice and examples.

Luckily, we have you covered. Below are some pointers for creating a standout cover letter.

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email marketing manager cover letter

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When Alex Caffee noticed that the marketing department was hiring someone to send those emails, she had been receiving The Muse’s newsletter for years. She was already a huge fan of the company, but she was also aware of all the ways the product could be improved. She was convinced she could and ought to be the one to realize this potential. She really wanted this job.

She therefore carefully crafted a cover letter from scratch for the email marketing manager position despite the fact that she dislikes writing cover letters, or, as she says, she typically resents spending time on them. Her objective was to create a lasting impression of someone who would uphold the company’s values and contribute to its mission and culture, not just to demonstrate her ability to perform the job or even to demonstrate that she was a perfect fit for the position.

The Muse’s system requires applicants to paste their cover letters into a text box rather than attaching them as separate documents, so candidates occasionally omit the salutation—and that’s OK. Before we move on to the cover letter, it’s important to note this.

I’m more than just a fan of The Muse; I also receive your emails on a regular basis. Despite the fact that I enjoy reading them, I believe there are numerous ways to market your services again and develop more specialized content. It would be my utmost pleasure to assist you in creating the best email program yet because you guys are killing it.

Along with my success in attracting and converting email subscribers, I hope my professional background demonstrates that I’d be more than qualified for the job—I’d personify the work itself:

As the founding co-chair of the Women of Niche internal development group, in addition to my email marketing duties, I promote better workplace policies, host speakers, plan educational initiatives, and ensure that women from all backgrounds feel supported. So far, I’ve coordinated a number of speakers, pushed for improved maternity and parental leave policies, and urged our team to conduct competitive analysis and present to our C-suite.

This should reassure you that I’ll put extra effort into growing your marketing initiatives as The Muse supports a cause to which I’m deeply committed.

I should mention that I’m currently in Pittsburgh but plan to move as soon as possible to New York.

I’m hoping we can talk more about your email marketing strategies and how I can help with any problems.

How This Cover Letter Won Over the Recruiter

When Lauren Roberts, The Muse’s Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, read Caffee’s cover letter, it immediately caught her attention and she excitedly Slacked the hiring manager to say, “Check out this cover letter!” Here is what Roberts says:

What grabbed you about this cover letter?

She started her cover letter in a really personalized way. I receive emails with subject lines like “Dear Sir or Madam, To Whom It May Concern, I’m applying to your position that I found on xyz job board” so frequently. ” Yes, I know. I get really tired of reading those. She began in a way that made me feel like I wanted to talk to her because I felt like I was getting to know her personality. In contrast to applying to a hundred jobs and hoping one sticks, this person is aware of who we are and is genuinely interested in this opportunity.

She immediately addresses the essential issues of the situation before moving on to a complaint. She shows in her opening paragraph that she is already considering things strategically. We needed someone in this position who would promote email, who would have a point of view, who could push for results and garner support from others. Someone who is confident enough to write in their cover letter, “I think your email is great,” The statement that stood out to me, “I see some clear opportunities to make it better and I want to be a part of that,”

Next she talks about herself outside of her specific job. It helped me understand why she would make a fantastic culture addition. She so perfectly embodies the goals and principles of The Muse as a team and as a collection of people. It helped me get a sense of her personal values and areas of passion. Additionally, she is someone who goes above and beyond to improve the workplace and someone who accomplishes goals.

Why, in your mind, was it okay not to get into too many specific role-related accomplishments in the cover letter?

It wasn’t necessary to reiterate her role-specific accomplishments in her cover letter because they are adequately outlined in her resume. Her resume is brief and contains the most important details, such as what she owned and the impact she had (numbers are crucial for anyone working in marketing because it is a very goal-driven industry). Because of this, she was able to share a different aspect of herself in her cover letter without sounding repetitive.

What did you think about the line about relocating?

I’m not sure how many people ignore that, so I have to send them emails with subject lines like “I see that you’re located in California.” This position is based in New York. When asked, “Are you looking to move?,” they occasionally say yes or no. But you can address that right away to provide the recruiter or hiring manager with an answer and ensure that they don’t overlook you.

How did her cover letter help her get the interview and/or the job?

It got me excited about her. Finding the ideal candidate is just one aspect of my job as a recruiter; another is selling that candidate to the hiring manager. Therefore, having a fantastic cover letter that I can use helps me pique their interest. It really sets you up for success.

Why This Cover Letter Worked With the Hiring Manager (e. the Candidate’s Future Boss)

Although it’s a good start to excite the recruiter and get past the initial screening, it’s obviously insufficient. Additionally, you need to persuade your potential employer that you are the best person for the job. Caffee is now subordinate to Lauren McCullough, Senior Director of Marketing at The Muse. Here’s what McCullough has to say:

What caught your attention about Alex?

gutess . a’s’s……………….. However, I liked how Alex didn’t hesitate to make some suggestions right in the first paragraph of her cover letter. It was still very encouraging and gave me the impression that the speaker is self-assured in her abilities. She very effectively summarized the state of our email program and all of the opportunities we have to expand it and increase its relevance for our users [in just one sentence]. It’s not always simple to determine from the outside what a company’s opportunities or challenges are. I thought that that was really impressive.

How did her cover letter help her get the interview and/or the job?

She didn’t spend much time in the cover letter summarizing her resume, which I actually believe was a very wise strategic decision because doing so could have felt redundant, as in, “Ugh, I already read this.” Instead, she spent the majority of the space discussing her leadership at work. She really showed us how she would contribute to The Muse’s culture, which is something we value greatly. And that is information that may not immediately stand out on a resume.

And as a hiring manager, I want someone who wants to work for our company, wants this position, and is prepared to show up every day with enthusiasm and passion for tackling the challenging issues we’re trying to address. There is no better place than a cover letter to express how passionate and enthusiastic you are about a job and a company. She went above and beyond to really emphasize that and make herself stand out.

How the Letter Got Written

Caffee looked back at the cover letter that helped her land the position as The Muse’s email marketing manager just over a month into her employment.

What was the number one thing you were hoping to communicate in your cover letter?

That line that I embodied the work itself. I really wanted to hammer that in. I’m not just a fan; I’m also without a doubt the best candidate for the position and the business. Out of all of my cover letters, I thought this one read the most sincere, as in, “Okay, The Muse, I have the receipts!”

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would’ve done differently in your letter?

No. In fact, I’m relieved that I didn’t spend any time discussing my work. I totally brushed over it. I’m successful at attracting and converting email subscribers, but what’s more crucial is that I also have this cool and special experience. I don’t just sound like a robot. My mother always told me to remember that someone is reading this who needs to be entertained. As a result, I always try to start off by writing to a friend. I did feel like I was taking a chance, but I also felt good about being honest with myself and my experience.

Stav is the deputy editor at The Muse, where she covers careers and work with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Before joining The Muse, Stav was a staff writer at Newsweek, and her work has also appeared in publications including The Atlantic, The Forward, and Newsday. Stav earned a B.A. in history with a minor in dance at Stanford University and holds an M.S. from Columbia Journalism School. She won the Newswomens Club of New Yorks Martha Coman Front Page Award for Best New Journalist in 2016. She prefers sunshine and tolerates winters grudgingly. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter and can visit her website here.

email marketing manager cover letter

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Marketing Job? | Example

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