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A fast food employee is in charge of taking customer orders and completing their requests. It is advised that you review the fast food worker cover letter sample before applying for this position as it will aid you in comprehending the prerequisites, duties, and responsibilities of the position.

The candidate for this position must be able to coordinate flawlessly with the rest of the crew. He is responsible for making sure the dining area and equipment are spotless. He needs to be extremely active, courteous, and upbeat.

Examples Related to a Fast Food Cover Letter

Make sure your cover letter is properly formatted for a professional appearance.

Name of Hiring Manager 341 Company Address Reno, MN 55919 Hiring [email protected] com.

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

As a [Position Title] at Burger King, I’m prepared to put my eight years of experience in the fast food industry to work for you. My attached resume, which includes the following career highlights, demonstrates my passion for motivating my team to provide excellent customer service.

I worked at a number of fast food restaurants as an entry-level employee before becoming a manager because I am a responsible, outgoing, and self-driven leader. Currently, I manage, schedule, and train 12 employees as a shift manager at Subway. Previously, I worked at McDonald’s, managing 7+ team members.

Some of my key achievements include the following:

  • At Subway, my customer satisfaction rating is 99.9%
  • With McDonald%E2%80%99s, I reduced cold storage costs by 10% via innovative solutions
  • I managed $2,000 in cash each day at McDonald’s
  • I successfully direct my team at Subway to serve more than 350 customers each day.

I’m an excellent communicator, fluent in English and Spanish. I can effectively resolve issues with crew members or customers thanks to my bilingualism. Also, I thrive under the pressure of the fast-paced food service environment, receiving intense fulfillment from achieving 100% customer satisfaction during the busiest times of the day

I am confident that my qualifications meet Burger King’s requirements for a [Position Title] exactly. I would be honored to have the chance to talk more about my experience in an interview. You can contact me at any time by calling (123) 456-7890 or emailing me at [email protected] com. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

3 Tips for Writing a Fast Food Cover Letter That Lands You a Great Restaurant Job

You’ll get more interviews if you know how to create a cover letter for the particular job (or jobs) you want.

Building strong communication and customer service skills through work in the fast food industry is highly recommended. These abilities aid in your transition to management in the fast food industry or to another industry.

You need to submit a strong application and a skillfully written cover letter in order to be considered for a great restaurant job.

Following are three pointers for creating a strong fast food cover letter:

Start with a strong introduction

Being an expert in customer service, you are aware of the significance of making a good impression. A strong cover letter for your desired position at a fast food restaurant is the best way to make a good impression.

It’s time to write a first paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention after writing a formal cover letter greeting (ideally one that includes the hiring manager’s name). A few quick dos and don’ts for your cover letter opening are listed below:

Do: Display enthusiasm for your work and let your personality shine through.

Don’t: Use casual language. Show professionalism because fast food managers are looking for staff who can handle situations with customers.

Do: Include the company name and position title. Fast food restaurants frequently have multiple positions open at once; stating the name of the business and the position you’re applying for clears up any ambiguity.

Don’t: Make your intro paragraph too long. The hiring manager will move on to the following cover letter if there is excessive text anywhere, including at the top of the page.

Aim for an opening similar to the one from the sample cover letter for a fast food position above:

Include relevant fast food service skills

Fill your cover letter with relevant skills. Many fast food businesses use applicant tracking software (ATS) to filter applications based on keywords after receiving hundreds of applications each day. What that means for you is this:

Your cover letter might not even get to the hiring manager if you don’t include relevant hard and soft skills for the fast food industry.

Employees of fast food establishments must be affable, diligent, and capable of performing physically demanding tasks like cleaning and lifting boxes. The ATS of a fast food chain searches for words like these:

  • Customer service skills
  • Communication skills
  • Money handling
  • Conscientiousness
  • Physical fitness
  • Energetic
  • Food safety
  • Cleaning skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Point of sale (POS) software
  • Microsoft Office
  • Employee training software

Showcase your achievements (with hard numbers)

Hiring managers are always impressed by results. You must cite concrete data in your fast food cover letter to substantiate the accomplishments you list.

Include the amounts of money you handled and the number of clients you served if you worked as a cashier. Mention the numerous menu items you mastered or the number of items you produced per hour if you were a fry cook.

You can mention your team’s customer satisfaction rating even if your primary responsibility was cleaning. Put that rating in your cover letter since clean facilities are essential for increasing customer satisfaction.

Here’s a great illustration from the fast food job cover letter sample above:

More Fast Food Cover Letters, Resumes, & CVs:

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