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Ministering Interviews – Cable Guy Strategy

What was the best/worst thing that happened to you this week?

This question is specific and designed to show your interest in someone’s daily life. There are multiple variations of it depending on the circumstances. You can ask someone if anything exciting happened to them, how hard their week was on a scale of 1-10, or how a certain activity went that week.

What’s been on your mind lately?

We think about a lot that we don’t share with others. This question can help others share some of those thoughts. Another way you could phrase it is, “Has there been anything you’ve been pondering about?”

ministering interview questions

However, my ward has over 250 sisters! I felt a bit overwhelmed thinking about keeping track of all the information we will learn from our many ministering interviews. Based on feedback in several Facebook groups I’m in, I’m not alone in feeling this way. So, I pulled up my computer and started working on a solution.

Hey all- this is Valerie from Occasionally Crafty back again with another great Relief Society idea and printable. Were you all blown away by General Conference like I was? As a Relief Society President, I’m especially excited for the changes to Home and Visiting Teaching. As President Holland noted, the sisters have already been focusing on ministering to great success. Still, taking away the monthly reporting and focusing more on really meeting our sisters’ needs is a much-needed change!

ministering interview questions

It is a discussion between ministering brothers and a member of the elders quorum presidency or between ministering sisters and a member of the Relief Society presidency in a setting that allows them to seek and receive inspiration from the Holy Ghost. As a result, ministering brothers and sisters can be inspired to watch over, love, teach, and comfort in the Savior’s way.

These quarterly interviews between ministering sisters and the Relief Society presidency or ministering brothers and the elders quorum presidency are the only formal report we make regarding those we minister to. The interview is an opportunity on at least a quarterly basis to (1)Â counsel about the strengths, needs, and challenges of assigned families and individuals; (2)Â determine what needs the quorum, Relief Society, or ward council might assist with; and (3)Â learn from leaders and be encouraged in ministering efforts.

In supporting President Russell M. Nelson’s statement that the ministering program will be a hinge point on which the course of the Church will swing, Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught, “The realization of his vision … might be predicated upon how well ministering brothers and sisters are taught and engaged in the ministering interview.”2

Is there anything I can pray for on your behalf?

For this question to be powerful, it needs to be tender and genuine. Truly pray for someone if they ask you to. If appropriate, follow up with them on the situation they asked you to pray about.

Find something memorable, join a community doing good.

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