How Much Money Does a City Councilor Make? (With Job Duties)

City councilors are public servants responsible for representing the needs of their constituents and helping to make decisions for the betterment of their city. As public officials, city councilors are paid from public funds and it is important to understand how much they make and the responsibilities that come with the job. In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about how much city councilors make. We will discuss the pay range for city councilors in different cities and the benefits associated with the role. Additionally, we will investigate the responsibilities of city councilors and look at how their salary compare to other public officials. Finally, we will look at why it is important to understand city councilor pay and how it can be used to promote transparency in government.

City Council Jobs by Salary
Job Title Range Average
Job Title:City Councilman Range:$12k – $40k Average:$36,000
City Manager Range:$0 – $0 (Estimated *) Average:$113,860
Full Stack Software Developer Range:$0 – $0 (Estimated *) Average:$72,500
Deputy Clerk Range:$0 – $0 (Estimated *) Average:$37,038

What do city councilors do?

Depending on the size and needs of their constituents, a city councilor’s specific duties may vary, but the following major duties are shared by most city councilors:

What is a city councilor?

A city councilor, also known as an alderman or alderperson, is a chosen official who collaborates with the mayor and other city officials to oversee legislative matters. A council’s size typically depends on the size of the city, with large cities having up to 50 councilors and smaller towns having as few as six. A councilor may represent a particular district or the entire city, depending on the type of election the municipal government holds.

How much does a city councilor make?

The salary of a city council member may be determined in accordance with the original city charter’s guidelines or by recommendations made by a special commission tasked with setting an appropriate salary. If the city is smaller, for instance, a city councilor might serve as a volunteer or be paid as a part-time employee because the city administration thinks the position’s duties should only entail a few hours per week. A city councilor in a large city may be in charge of larger departmental budgets and hundreds of thousands of residents, which could justify paying them a full-time salary.

No matter their level of education or experience, all council members for a single city are paid the same amount. Many city council members get paid more for participating in city committees or boards. For instance, a city council member might earn $42,000 per year from serving on the council and an additional $10,000 from chairing the regional transportation board.

How to become a city councilor

Here are some steps you can take to begin your journey toward becoming a city councilor. The path you take will depend on your professional background and the local election laws in your city.

1. Earn a degree

Although a specific degree is not necessary for election, many city councilors develop careers in management or local government before running for office. Getting a degree in political science or business management could give you an advantage when applying for jobs in local government if you intend to work in the civil service.

2. Gain professional experience

City council members have extensive professional experience before running for office. When you have experience, you can develop your skills and build a financial foundation, which is beneficial if your city council members are volunteers or part-time employees. Although city council members come from a variety of professions, some of the common ones are as follows:

3. Get involved in your community

Consider joining a local board or volunteering your time to a civic organization before you run for office. You can choose a cause that matters to you, like supporting veterans or preventing hunger, because many private and public organizations rely on volunteers to carry out their missions. Participating in your community can help you better understand the needs of your city, define your own campaign objectives, and establish connections with potential voters.

4. Declare your candidacy

Depending on the city’s laws, city council members are elected for terms of two years or more. If you are of voting age, are a citizen, and are a resident of the district, you may run for a vacant seat when elections are held. If you have the experience and financial means to run for office, do some research to determine the best year to announce your candidacy. It may be helpful to create a long-term plan for a political career. To make sure you have the necessary documentation in place prior to election season, you can also research the laws and regulations in your city for local candidates.

5. Mount an election campaign

When it comes to your election campaign, abide by the laws and regulations of your city. Depending on your resources and the laws in your city, you may run your campaign using a mix of live events and online town halls. You might be elected after the election season is over, beginning your career as a city councilor.

City councilor skills

To carry out their civic obligations and job responsibilities, city councilors make use of a range of skills, including:

Ability to manage finances

In many towns, a city councilor’s primary duty is to oversee the budget. Typically, municipal committees and departments, like those in charge of animal control or public transportation, create budgets every year and then present their proposals to the city council. Council members then review the budgets and either approve, edit, or return them for more extensive revisions. Council members frequently need to comprehend operating costs, available tax revenue, and other aspects of municipal financial management in order to make wise financial decisions for their city.

Problem-solving skills

City council members frequently employ creative problem-solving techniques to address issues affecting the citizens of their cities. For instance, city councilors might collaborate with the representatives of the departments to find a compromise that is acceptable to all parties if several municipal departments wish to utilize a piece of public land for various purposes. On a shoestring budget, city council members may also use their problem-solving abilities to upgrade amenities like parks and libraries.

Critical reading and writing skills

Before voting collectively, city council members may write and read proposed laws, amendments, or ordinances. These documents may be lengthy and deal with intricate municipal issues, so an effective city councilor may have strong reading and writing abilities. Additionally, they may write and release press releases or other communications to let the people of their town know about their objectives and successes.

Public-speaking skills

Public speaking abilities could be useful for city council members both before and after they are elected. A candidate may have an advantage in a local election if they can communicate their objectives and highlight their qualifications when speaking in front of large crowds. They may continue giving public speeches at town halls, council meetings, and community gatherings once they are seated on the council.

Interpersonal skills

City council members could work with other council members and civic leaders by utilizing their interpersonal skills to promote goodwill among their constituents. If a councilor is approachable and friendly, residents are more likely to approach them with their needs and questions, which can improve the efficiency of the town’s governance. Councilors collaborate closely with one another and with other government officials, such as the mayor and department directors, so they can benefit from traits like patience, compassion, and active listening in their work.

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How much does a local councilman make?

Salary Ranges for City Council Members The median annual pay for city council members in the US is $20,500, with salaries ranging from $16,950 to $91,960. The middle 60% of City Councilmen makes $20,500, with the top 80% making $91,960

How much do city council members get paid in California?

Average total compensation for members of the elected city council was $13,785 in total. There were 15 cities where the total comp was higher, with Anaheim ($31,471) and Irvine ($31,146) leading the way.

Do Texas City council members get paid?

Mayor and council pay varies widely by city. Dallas pays its mayor $80,000 annually, while council members receive $60,000 annually. In contrast, Arlington pays its mayor just $250 monthly and its council members $200.

How much does a Boston city councilor get paid?

The Council voted in June 2018 to raise the mayor’s salary from $199,000 to $207,000, effective following the November 2021 mayoral election (term beginning in January 2022); this raised the salary of council members to $103,500, effective following the November 2019 council elections (terms beginning in January 2022).

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