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To help you prepare for an AdventHealth job interview, here are 30 interview questions and answer examples.

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  • Are you pretty flexible in your ability to work in most environments? Have you experienced a position where the atmosphere wasnt conducive to your productivity? Be sure to know the type of situation offered in this position before the interview. If you arent completely clear on the workplace environment or culture, kindly ask the interviewer to expand on the work environment for you.

    “I can be productive in most work environments, so long as the mentality is positive and teamwork is encouraged. I cannot work in an environment that feels negative or toxic.”

    “I prefer to focus on the positive, so if its okay, I would like to share with you my ideal work environment. My ideal environment is organized, collaborative, positive, energetic, and encouraging. I love working with like-minded people who set challenging goals for themselves. I thrive when I work for supervisors who encourage curiosity and creativity in problem-solving.”

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    All applications are reviewed by the recruiter to ensure minimum requirements have been met as well as fit for the organization. Upon review, you will either receive an email saying you are no longer being considered or a digital interview called a HireVue. This process can take up to two weeks depending upon the number of applicants received. If you have not received an e-mail or a phone call informing you about your status you are still considered an active applicant. Most positions do not have a set closing date and will be filled when the right candidate is selected.

    The Interview Process You will first be invited to a digital interview called a HireVue. This digital interview is considered a first-round interview so treat it as you would an in-person interview. Upon completion of your digital interview a recruiter will review it for minimum qualifications as well as fit for the organization. At this point you will either receive an email saying you are no longer being considered for this role or a phone call for an interview with the hiring manager. You will be extended electronic references to fill out. You will need to submit five references and three will need to respond with two being a previous manager or teacher in order to continue being considered. If selected for an interview with the hiring manager, you will either be meeting the hiring manager in person or through a live digital interview through HireVue. This live digital interview functions very similar to Face Time, Zoom, or a Microsoft Teams call. This process can take up to two weeks.

    The Application Process All current job openings are posted and updated daily on our website under the “Find a Job” tab. An online application will need to be completed in order to be considered for a position. The application process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your work history. Once your application has been submitted successfully you will receive an e-mail from the recruiter indicating your application was received.

    If You are Not Selected Once the hiring manager has completed the interview process, they will let Talent Acquisition know the final selections. If you are not given an offer of employment by Talent Acquisition you will be notified by phone or e-mail. Positions will generally be taken off of our website while the manager is screening applications, this does not mean the position has been filled.

    The first interview at AdventHealth Corporate

  • Employee referral21 %
  • Recruiter contacted me20 %
  • Through Indeed16 %
  • Other online job site16 %
  • Other15 %
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