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Top 20 HR Director Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

10. Mention a Time that You Failed in This Role and the Lesson You Learnt

This is a common question in job interviews that tests whether you can learn from your mistakes. Be accountable for an undoing and clearly indicate the lesson learned. Also, do not shy away from giving such an experience. Remember, we all make mistakes.

Sample Answer

As a new HR manager, I did not understand how incentives and benefits could help us land the most talented employees. I therefore mainly focused on offering good salaries. We had problems landing exceptional talents, and I had to rethink my strategies. I later learned that people are more willing to take up new positions if promised specific incentives such as a signing bonus. We never again struggled to land some of the talents the company was eyeing.

17. This Job Requires that You Handle Personal and Confidential Employee Information. Tell Us About Your Experience in Handling Such Information.

You will have exclusive access to employee information in your new position. You must therefore convince the interviewer that you can uphold high levels of confidentiality, won’t be malicious to share such information if you ever get into a conflict with any of the employees or let such details fall into the wrong hands. Give an experience from your former positions leading up to this role.

Sample Answer

In my former position, I was an HR manager in a small IT firm. I had the records of all the employees, which I safely kept in a locked safe. Only two people knew the safe combinations, and we both had to be there to open it. In the five years, I spent as the HR manager, no confidential information about an employee fell into the wrong hands.

2. What are the Roles of an HR Director?

Do you know the mandates of an HR director? Ensure that you go through the job description before attending the interview and familiarize yourself with some of the roles in this position. Why Should We Hire You? 5 Best Answ…

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Sample Answer

A human resource director is responsible for the company’s personnel and training strategies. They also take part in the policy and strategy making of the company by advising the board on some of the implications of its human resource decisions.

15. What is the First thing You Will Do When Hired?

Be careful when answering this question, as your answer will tell the interviewer whether you are competent or lazy. We advise that you use the first day of your job to familiarize yourself with the position. Make sure that the first thing you do when hired is to better your work in the new post.

Sample Answer

I will spend my first day familiarizing myself with this new environment. I will talk to the HR managers and leaders of different departments to help me understand the employment situation in their departments. ( This answer will not be valid if this is an internal position. If you’ve been working for the company as an HR manager, the interviewer expects you to start making improvements immediately)

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