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University and college lecturers plan and deliver instructional materials during class presentations. Employers often look for lecturers who are dynamic and possess both teaching credentials and the skills necessary to engage students and help them succeed. If youre getting ready to interview for a lecturer job, its important to anticipate what questions interviewers are likely to ask. In this article, we explore 35 lecturer interview questions with several example responses to help you prepare in advance.

Sample Interview Questions for Faculty
  • Describe your teaching style.
  • Describe your teaching philosophy.
  • What technology applications have you utilized in the classroom?
  • How do you engage students, particularly in a course for non-majors?
  • Share you ideas about professional development.

LECTURER Interview Questions & Answers! (PASS your University or College Lecturer Interview!)

Lecturer interview questions and example answers

Use the following example interview questions and answers to prepare for your academic interview:

How do you prioritize your assignments?

This question is a common question in many types of interviews and allows employers to understand how you track your progress, measure your success and achieve objectives. When answering this question, outline how you plan your lectures according to curriculum standards or guidelines and what methods you use to organize your schedules.

Example: “I like to start the semester by reviewing the curriculum standards first, as these help me understand what learning outcomes Im aiming for with students. Then I create a syllabus that breaks down each weeks lectures according to the topics I need to address in political science. This process helps me organize my lectures by topic, class period and date so I can track student progress and completed lectures more effectively.”

What is your approach to giving students feedback on assignments?

Instructors are responsible for providing feedback so that students understand where they need to improve and where theyre succeeding. The interviewer may ask this question to learn more about how you communicate with your students about success, improvement and taking on new challenges. In your answer, give an example of the communication techniques you use to address student achievement and progress.

Example: “If I notice a student is struggling to comprehend concepts or complete assignments, I typically request a meeting with the student to discuss their progress. This allows me to communicate with students individually so I can better understand what factors are affecting their achievement. When I know whats causing students to underachieve, I can better integrate improvement plans or strategies that help them bring up their grades.”

What do you do to ensure you meet student expectations?

Not only do instructors and university lecturers have expectations from their superiors, but they also meet student expectations. This question assesses your awareness of student expectations and how effectively you plan and deliver lectures that meet students academic needs. Use your answer to highlight your attention to detail and communication skills.

Example: “I like to start the beginning of each semester with a student survey. I ask students right away what they hope to gain from my lectures and what they expect to learn. This strategy helps me ideate and plan my research so that I address students interests as well as their academic needs. This way, I know I am able to meet students expectations of me throughout the semester.”

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