McDonalds Interview Questions and Answers for 2020/2021

McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers
  • What can you tell us about McDonald’s? …
  • Why do you want to work at McDonald’s? …
  • Why should I hire you? …
  • What hours can you work? …
  • Are you looking for full time or part-time work? …
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? …
  • What is your greatest strength?

7 McDonald’s INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & Answers! (Become a McDonald’s CREW MEMBER!)

What do you know about McDonald’s?

  • It’s one of the biggest restaurant chains with tens of thousands of restaurants spread around the world.
  • It was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald and then purchased by Ray Kroc, who grew the company tremendously.
  • It specializes in quick service meals like hamburgers, fries, salads, fruit, yogurt.
  • It employs almost 2 million people in its stores(including franchise stores).

What hours can you work? Flexible hours? Weekends or weekdays?

There’s no right answer here. If you can’t work night hours you shouldn’t lie about it. If you can work weekends but not weekdays, then make it clear right away.

  • I want to work weekends because I have family obligations during the week.
  • I’m available at night hours as I’m going to college during the day.
  • I have a flexible schedule and can adapt to whatever hours you need me to work.

What would you do if you caught your colleague stealing money?

  • I would talk with the manager about this colleague and would let him handle the problem.
  • If I were the manager I would follow company procedures on how to deal with theft.

What is your favorite menu item? Why would anybody buy it?

They want to know how well you know the company as well as your communication skills. Spend some time studying their product line on their website.

Even better: go to a restaurant, order your favorite item, and take notes on how the food makes you feel.

Then describe those sensations to the interviewer: “The fries are crunchy and tasty. Sweet and salty, but not too much”.

What would you do if a customer complains food is taking too long?

  • I would apologize to the customer and give him an estimate of how much time it will take for the food to be ready.
  • Meanwhile, I would ask him if there was anything else I could help him with.
  • The interaction should be respectful, warm, and friendly.

What hours are you available for shifts?

McDonald’s interview questions will also cover topics like your availability and intentions for the role. Here are some answers that will suit different circumstances.

  • I am available throughout the weekends and also afternoon and evening shifts.
  • I am flexible with my availability and willing to work as much as you need me.
  • I am open to accepting shifts that are early morning or overnight hours (if 24-hour restaurant).

What’s your favorite item on our menu?

interview questions for mcdonalds crew member

It will help to express that you are a fan of the food, and can easily communicate the products and potentially up-sell in your customer service.

  • I personally love the (item name) because it tastes amazing and fresh every time I order it… (from here, list off the ingredients and facts on what you know about how it is made to show that you can describe the products to customers in an enticing way).

Where do you see your future in 2 years?

interview questions for mcdonalds crew member

Either way, this answer will convey your commitment and seriousness to the role.

  • If staying in hospitality: I see myself advancing through hospitality to a management position.
  • If going to university for a different career path: I see myself continuing to work at a stable job to support my studies and give me the skills that will help my next career path.

How would you make McDonald’s a better company?

They want to know how well you know the industry and how creative you are solving problems. Suggest an extra food item for the menu, new ways to order food, or a novel marketing idea.

This question is asked more frequently to people who interview for higher positions, but can occasionally be asked for entry-level too.

How would you handle a colleague that spends too much time on the phone while neglecting customers?

  • I would warn him his behavior is having a negative impact on the restaurant and making others have to work harder to pick up the slack.
  • If the behavior doesn’t change, we would have to talk with a manager.

What to bring to a McDonald’s interview

  • Any personal identification.
  • Directions to get to the interview.
  • Bring extra copies of your resume.
  • Bring pen and paper for anything you might want to write down.
  • Don’t forget to bring contacts for references.
  • Questions for the interviewer (if you’re afraid you might forget).

What to wear to a McDonald’s interview

  • Dress business casual. Don’t overdress. Important: dress for the job you want.
  • Slacks and a polo or a dress shirt is a good style.
  • Prefer shoes to sneakers.
  • Avoid piercings, too much jewelry, or bad hair. Come neat and don’t forget to shower.

What to expect at a McDonald’s Interview

  • The interview process can last from an hour to weeks depending on the position you are interviewing for.
  • The interview format depends on the store and the management.
  • Sometimes you can have a walk-in-interview. However, most interviews are one-to-one or group interviews.
  • It takes 2 to 4 days for McDonald’s to make a job offer so don’t despair. They rarely hire people on the spot.

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