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I’m writing to request a job as the Catt Foundation’s Non Profit Executive Director. I have over 12 years of administrative experience, mostly in non-profit management. In my current position as Executive Director of St. Andrews Youth Center I oversee daily operations, manage the budget, solicit donations, and attend public meetings.

I have excellent organizational skills and am skilled at handling multiple tasks at once. I have a strong grasp of budgetary principles, how to apply for grants and understand other financial issues, and I have excellent communication skills both in writing and verbally. My strongest suit is interpersonal ability, and I am at ease presenting a positive public when interacting with potential donors and speaking with stakeholders at different levels. I’m very proud of my organization’s success and the relationships I’ve built. It would be an honor to have the chance to bring my level of dedication and professionalism to the Catt Foundation as the Non Profit Executive Director.

I have no doubt that you will think highly of me for the position of non-profit executive director and I am eager to discuss my goals with you in more detail. Please get in touch with me whenever it’s convenient so we can talk about how we can both benefit. Thank you for your consideration.

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SummaryYour cover letter is often your first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer, so it should be personalized for each job opportunity and, together with your resume; it should tell a compelling story about who you are, what you have accomplished, and why the potential employer should want to meet you.

Your cover letter, along with your resume, should tell a compelling story about who you are, what you have accomplished, and why a potential employer should want to meet you. Your cover letter is frequently your first opportunity to make a good impression on a potential employer. Your cover letter may be your most effective marketing tool if you are transitioning from the for-profit to the nonprofit sectors.

This sample cover letter shows how to focus on your nonprofit management experience by giving specific examples of leadership roles you’ve held and the outcomes you achieved in each one. He effectively describes his abilities and experiences in bullet points that are pertinent to the position he is applying for. John gives highlights of his prior employment rather than going into great detail, and he refers the reader to his resume, which is attached, for more details. John concisely outlines his overall leadership qualities and how they relate to XYZ’s job description in the final paragraph of his cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter: John Jones

Search Committee XYZ Organization

RE: Vice President Position, ZZ Program

Dear Search Committee:

I’m responding to the XYZ Organization’s job posting for Vice President of the ZZ program. I believe that my background and abilities are a good fit for what XYZ is looking for in the Vice President of this project. This cover letter and my resume are attached, and I would like to emphasize the skills and experience I believe are most pertinent to the position here.

I have a lot of managerial experience in the nonprofit sector and a track record of success in launching and growing initiatives. Prior to that, I spent eleven years as the leader of a very entrepreneurial nonprofit that offered information systems, training, and technology consultation to libraries and information centers in a variety of settings. I most recently served for seven years as the Executive Director of an association whose members are involved in the use of information technology in health care.

While my resume provides more specifics, my previous positions have enabled me to develop a high level of skill and experience in the following areas that are germane to the Vice President position at XYZ:

  • From the conception of an idea to the creation and presentation of persuasive business plans to the development and implementation of the programs and the provision of ongoing support, I have developed new and innovative programs.
  • I have a lot of experience with financial planning, budgeting, and all kinds of revenue-generating endeavors, such as membership dues, product sales, grants, and business sponsorship.
  • I have managerial and practical experience in designing effective publicity, promotional, and communications campaigns.
  • In all of my previous positions, I have consistently shown the ability to recognize, attract, and hire outstanding employees as well as to create highly effective and team-oriented work environments.
  • My work has been concentrated in organizations whose program activities are centered on information dissemination and knowledge creation, with cutting-edge technology playing a critical role in the delivery of that information and knowledge.

I have successfully managed the delicate balance between adherence to mission, the requirement for bold entrepreneurial initiatives, and the use of sound business management while serving as a leader in nonprofit organizations. I believe my qualifications fit the bill for vice-presidential leadership of ZZ based on your description of the requirements. If it would be more convenient for you, I would be happy to discuss my credentials with you in greater detail or offer any other details that would help you evaluate my credentials. If you think my application merits further consideration, I would be happy to provide salary history or requirements.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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