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Oracle EBS 12 2 Upgrade Overview by K21Academy

Frequently asked Oracle APPS DBA questions and links for answers. Latest Interview Questions for Oracle APPS DBA Click on answers for a detailed explanation. – What are the different phases of the ADOP cycle Answer – Steps to apply EBS 12.2 patches using adop Answer – Why oracle recommends an odd number of voting disks Answer …

Why Upgrade To EBS R12?

  • Oracle Apps DBA is in great demand and with 12.2 experience
  • Good Salary if you know 12.2 as 11i & 12.0 out of support
  • Customers on R12.1 are also looking to upgrade to R12.2 to take advantage of Online Patching feature
  • Enroll in Oracle Apps DBA Training from Real-Time Experts

    Q31. Where are .fmb (Forms) stored


    They will be under $AU_TOP/forms/US.

    Q32. When you run f60gen to compile the forms : .fmx will be put to where ?


    $PRODUCT_TOP/forms/US/ of respective product of form.

    Q33. What is stored in “mesg” directory under each product top ??


    “mesg” contains language specific message files and error message for the product.

    Q34. What is stored in “bin” directory under each product top


    “bin” directory contains executable files like in $AP_TOP/bin you will see APPBCF APTZGF apxamex.ctl apxboav.ctl apxdiner.ctl apxgecmc.ctl apxusbv.ctl APXXTR

    Q35. How to compile apps schema and when to compile?


    You can use “adadmin” utility to compile apps schema (other methods like utlrp.sql exists). Usually you compile apps after application of the patches, maintanance patch, upgrade, runtime error due to AD_DDL packages or scenarios where there are invalid objects in apps schema.

    Q36. How many database connections are allowed during fresh installation of oracle application.


    100 Connections. (Number has increased to 250 for Pluggable Databases in 12c)

    Q37.Utility used to apply application patch is ?


    Q38. For database patch utility used to apply patch is ??


    Q39. What are .lgi files for ?


    While applying patch put the system in maintenance mode by running.

  • $adadmin and then select option 5 (change maintenance mode) after that select options enable/disable maintenance mode. (You can also change system to maintenence mode using $AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/adsetmmd.sql)
  • Q40.By default where adadmin log file will go??


    Q41. How to check what adpatch is doing ??


    “adctrl” is the utility to do check status of ad worker, including adpatch.

    Q42. What are various stages of adpatch worker


  • First of all workers will be in “waiting” stage after that jobs will be “assigned” then “running“, If error doesn’t come it will move to “complete” (waiting -> assigned -> running -> complete)
  • If error comes it will go like waiting -> assigned -> running -> failed -> fixed -> restarted -> completed
  • Q43. What is Default number of workers:


    2 times the number of CPU on the database server.

    Q44. Have you ever seen worker status as deferred, while using adctrl ??


    Once you start applying patch , manager assigns jobs and unique ID to each worker. Manager will also insert one row into FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table for each worker with information about who is doing what !

  • these two columns are important for us from the fnd_install_processes. Manager will monitor the workers by these two columns about status of the assigned job.Once worker is done with first job, manager will assign it the second job to do with the status update as .
  • Once all the worker’s status is completed for all the jobs, manager will tell the workers to shutdown and will drop fnd_install_process table.
  • Q45. What happens if worker is working on some particular job say updating some table but that table is locked ??? so what the worker will do in such situation…


  • That’s the AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table which will be created at the time of FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES and ad_deferred_jobs too will be dropped with FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES. First time when worker checks and find that table is locked, that job fails and manager will automatically defers the job, and it will assigns a new job to the worker.
  • The job which was waiting in ad_deferred_jobs table will be assigned again till time it will not become failed or completed.
  • In such situation above, worker will wait till either the lock is released or timed out is reached and We (DBA) need not to take any action till the job status becomes fails…. once it shows its failed we can fix it and restart it.
  • Q46. Why APPS schema present in the 11i application ??


  • It reduces traffic because all the product schemas will grant full privileges to Apps schema. so it will have full access to the complete Oracle application.
  • All the products like AP,AR,FIN has the code for respective products and APPS will have access to all these code objectives too. Apps will have all the synonyms for base tables and sequences as well.
  • Q47.Why do you need GUEST/ORACLE To connect to database?


  • The GUEST user account is used in the application internally ( it is an application user). One of the major needs of this account is when there is a need to decrypt the APPS password (which is stored in an encrypted format in the apps tables). In order to decrypt the APPS password, the GUEST username/password is used to accomplish this task (using “Guest User Password” profile option).
  • GUEST account is used to obtain the decrypted value of the apps password for internal processes (i.e. when there is a need to connect as apps internally).
  • when the account gets locked/end-dated then you will see a blank page when you try to login to the instance.In that scenario you will have to correct this situation from the back-end as you will not be able to login to the application.
  • You will not find much details about the GUEST account documented anywhere ( may be coz of security reasons).
  • Key points :

  • s_guest_user is GUEST and s_guest_pwd is EXPORT in adconfig xml file.
  • select fnd_web_sec.validate_login(‘GUEST’,’ORACLE’) FROM DUAL; ( to validate if guest user is corrrect)
  • select fnd_profile.value(‘GUEST_USER_PWD’) from dual; (to find the current guest user password)
  • Check the GUEST/ORACLE password is present in DBC file at $FND_TOP/secure directory as well as at $FND_TOP/secure/SID_hostname directory.
  • Q48. What is the purpose of JSERV?


  • Oracle 11i uses Jserv as the servlet engine. R12 uses OC4J as the servlet engine.
  • R12 uses version 10g of the Oracle Application Server, which does not have or use jserv
  • Once you click on the Oracle E-Business Home Page link, the request is forwarded by Apache to Jserv. Jserv sends it to Appslogin servlet.
  • Q49.What is Apache JServ?


    The 100% pure Java server application that acts as an independent servlet-request server.

    Q50.What is mod_jserv?


    The Apache module that converts HTTP requests to servlet requests, connecting to the proper servlet engine and sending back the HTTP response to the client.

    11i to r12 upgrade interview questions

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    How do I upgrade Oracle from EBS 11i to R12?

    Oracle R11 to R12. 2 Upgrade Steps
    1. Plan and prepare for the upgrade. …
    2. Apply the latest performance patches. …
    3. Lay down the file system. …
    4. Perform the upgrade. …
    5. Apply post-upgrade patches and enable Online Patching.
    6. Deploy customizations and integrations.
    7. Perform post-upgrade configurations.

    How do I prepare for Oracle Apps interview?

    Top 10 Frequently Asked Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
    1. What is Set-of-books?
    2. What is a Value Set?
    3. What are Ad-hoc Reports?
    4. How to Call Who Columns Into the Form?
    5. How do you Find that Multiorgan is Installed?
    6. What are the Types of Concurrent Managers 25?
    7. How do you Set the Operating Unit Context in a Report?

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