Sales Consultant interview questions and answers

Typical Questions Asked in a Sales Interview
  • Are you comfortable making cold calls? …
  • Have you consistently met your sales goals? …
  • What motivates you? …
  • How did you land your most successful sale? …
  • How would your colleagues describe you? …
  • Sell me this pen. …
  • What are your long-term career goals?

CONSULTANT Interview Questions & Answers! (PASS any CONSULTING Job Interview!)

4. Why did you apply for this position?

Tip: This answer could overlap with the first question, but this is where studying the job description will pay off. Tailor your answer to the company and the research you conducted before going into the interview.

Example: “I believe this position aligns with my previous experience in sales while also making room for an expansion of my current skill set. I can take more ownership of responsibilities like creating status reports and reporting leads within the customer relationship management system as well as the chance to work in different departments.”

What made you decide to start a career in sales consulting?


The answer to this question requires a decisive answer. The best answer is someone who wants to make a lot of money in commissions. Furthermore, it should be someone who takes a lot of pleasure in becoming the top sales consultant at your company. As a result, they will have to sell a lot of products and services to make a high salary. At the same time, you want to look for someone who sells ethically but can still be very successful. This is an applicant who should enjoy the challenge and rewards of making a sale. What to look for in an answer:

  • A love of sales
  • An explanation that conveys a self-motivated individual.
  • A belief in ethical sales tactics
  • “I got into sales because I love the thrill of landing a new client and earning as much as I want on a continuous basis.”


    sale consultant interview questions

    Our interview questions will help you track down essential skills for the sales consultant position. You should look for people who are goal-oriented and enjoy solving problems. Communication and analytical skills are also key job requirements. For the best results, tailor these questions carefully to ensure your candidates understand your business’s specific goals.

    Examples and tips for sales representative interview questions

    One way to begin laying out possible responses is to consider those of others. Here you will find some example answers along with some tips you can use to help you formulate your own.

    Interview Questions for Sales Consultants:

    Reveals more about the sales process.

    What is your approach regarding customer objections, or how do you turn a “no” into a “yes?”


    In sales consulting, everyone comes across a “no” from a potential customer. What makes the top sales consultants stand out is how they overcome those objections. You want to hire someone who doesnt take “no” for an answer, but knows how to sway the customer in a relevant and tactful way. Find out how well-versed they are in handling objections and getting customers to make purchases. If a customer says they dont have the budget, but are buying from your competitors, you want the applicant to understand why its important to figure out why the client isnt purchasing from your company. In addition, you need someone who will earn trust so that customers are more willing to make purchases. What to look for in an answer:

  • Willingness to find out why someone may initially object
  • Knowledge of handling objections
  • Examples of managing customer objections
  • “When a customer says “no,” I make it a point to listen for the real objection and ask relevant questions around it. If relevant, Ill do more research and get back to the client with a better offer or solution.”


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