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I was thrilled to see your job listing. I am confident that I would be an excellent fit for the Company Name with my more than eight years of experience as a salon receptionist with a focus on environmentally friendly procedures.

I successfully up-sold organic and environmentally conscious products and spa services in my most recent position as a salon receptionist, which is similar to what you offer at your store. I can educate your customers about the dangers of chemicals you avoid using in your products, such as BPA, pthtalates, parabens, sulfates, DEA, and formaldehyde.

In addition to my regular receptionist duties, I also handled the opening and closing of the salon and made bank deposits. My attached resume details my full capabilities.

In an interview, I’d be delighted to go into more detail about my qualifications and experience. Please call me at your earliest convenience.

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Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template:

A great hair stylist cover letter can be quickly and easily created using this template in Microsoft Word format.

Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template:

Application for the position of hair stylist, [Date] [Name of Company You’re Applying To]

To [Ms./Mr. Last Name],

When I discovered that your salon [in/on Location] was hiring a hair stylist, I was overjoyed. Since I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for hair styling, and now that I’ve received my certification, I’m ready to put that passion into action. With my abilities, enthusiasm, and drive, I think I would be a valuable addition to your salon team.

I excelled in my classes on [List Styling Classes] and received my [Name of Certification or Degree] from [Name of Academy or School]. I pride myself on my [Skill #1] as well as my [Skill #2] and [Skill #3] abilities. I’m a pleasure to work with because of my excellent communication skills, upbeat attitude, and willingness to help others whenever I can.

I noticed from your job description that you are seeking a stylist who can market and sell your well-known line of hair care products. As a [Sales Title] at [Company Name], I completed my [Name of Certification or Degree] and achieved [Quantifiable Result].

I’m thrilled about the prospect of working at such a reputable salon because I’m driven to develop my abilities and learn from the best. I’ve included my resume with more information about my abilities, background, and skills. I’d love to go into more detail about how I can contribute positively to your salon. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [Contact Number] or [Email Address].

Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, [Your Name]

How to Write a Hair Stylist Cover Letter: $0.00 USD 2 Hours

A thorough manual outlining the steps you must take to create a competent hair stylist cover letter

Create a hair stylist cover letter.

When submitting a letter of application for a position as a hair stylist, do some research to find the name of the hiring manager or recruiter. Acceptable forms of address include “Mr. ” or “Ms. ” followed by the persons last name, or full name.

Briefly introduce your purpose for writing.

Briefly describe the position you are applying for and where you saw the job advertisement to begin your introduction. Attempt to include a captivating hook as well to catch the recruiters’ attention.

Emphasize specific hair care techniques that you excel at.

In the second paragraph of your letter, highlight any hair-care or styling expertise you possess and describe how you acquired it. Refer to your resume and employment history, but don’t repeat the information there

Show your customer service and sales abilities.

Hair products are frequently a significant source of income for hair salons, so emphasize any potential for growth in your cover letter. Use examples from your resume once more to illustrate your aptitude for selling. A cover letter’s ability to stand out from the crowd will also be aided by including statistics about your sales accomplishments.

Show your creativity but keep to the point.

As a hair stylist, you should have strong creative skills. Because there aren’t many strict guidelines for cover letters for hair stylist jobs, feel free to be creative and jazz up your writing. However, avoid using flowery language in your cover letter and keep it concise.

Include a call to action.

Put your qualifications and the reasons you believe you’d be a good fit for the hair stylist position in your last paragraph. Showing off your familiarity with the salon and why you believe you’d be beneficial to their business would be a nice touch. So, request phone or email contact from the recruiter.

Thank the recruiter for their time as you conclude your letter. Add a suitable closing, like “sincerely,” and finish with your full name.


Any hair care or styling expertise you have should be highlighted in your cover letter for a position as a hair stylist, along with an explanation of how you acquired it. Along with highlighting your qualifications, skills in customer service and sales, you should also demonstrate your motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for the job.

What should I write in my cover letter for an entry-level hair stylist position?

In your cover letter, you should highlight your qualifications, any techniques you are especially skilled in, and how you acquired those skills if you lack work experience as a hair stylist.

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