Storage Area Networks (SAN) Interview Questions and Answers

SAN Storage Administrator L1 Interview Question and Answers
  • What is a SAN? …
  • Name 3 Limitations of DAS Technology? …
  • Name at least 4 of the Hardware component in a SAN? …
  • How could implementation of a SAN benefit LAN performance? …
  • Name 3 key features of Fibre Channel? …
  • How is a SAN Superior to SCSI?

TOP 15 Storage Area Network Interview Questions and Answers 2019 Part-1 | Storage Area Network

san interview questions

Fabric Switch: It’s a device which interconnects multiple network devices .There are switches starting from 16 port to 512 ports which connect 16 or 32 machine nodes etc. vendors who manufacture these kind of switches are Brocade, cisco, etc. FC Controllers: These are Data transfer media, which are connected to the HBAs, which sits on PCI slots of Server; you can configure Arrays and volumes on it. The controller has a cache & a battery for better performance.

HA( High Availability) is a technology to achieve failover with very less latency. It’s a practical requirement of data centers these days when customers expect the servers to be running 24 hours on all 7 days around the whole 365 days a year – usually referred as 24x7x365. So to achieve this, a redundant infrastructure is created to make sure if one database server or if one app server fails there is a replica Database or Appserver ready to take-over the operations. End customer never experiences any outage when there is a HA network infrastructure. Below is a picture of basic HA setup. At any point of time, if 1 server and 1 switch and 1 storage fail, even after 3 major box failures, we will still be able to access the data.

In some scenarios you are supposed to install Operating System on the drives connected thru SCSI HBA or SCSI RAID Controllers, but most of the OS will not be updated with drivers for those controllers, that time you need to supply drivers externally, if you are installing windows, you need to press F6 during the installation of OS and provide the driver disk or CD which came along with HBA. If you are installing Linux you need to type “linux dd” for installing any driver.

There are many types of tape media available to back up the data some of them are DLT: digital linear tape – technology for tape backup/archive of networks and servers; DLT technology addresses midrange to high-end tape backup requirements. LTO: linear tape open; a new standard tape format developed by HP, IBM, and Seagate. AIT: advanced intelligent tape; a helical scan technology developed by Sony for tape backup/archive of networks and servers, specifically addressing midrange to high-end backup requirements.

There are 16 different ID’s which can be assigned to SCSI device 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8. Highest priority of SCSI is ID 7 and lowest ID is 8. SCSI supports 16 devices & SCSI HBA support 15 devices (1 for itself)

san interview questions

Searching for a Storage Area Network job? If you are an expert in Icwai then this is for you. Do not worry, we’ve a right answer for your job interview preparation. If you are preparing for Storage Area Network job interview, we will help you in clearing the interview through Wisdomjobs interview questions and answers page.Storage Area Network is the computer network that shares the shared pool of data storage devices to several servers. SAN makes the storage functionality independent of user network thus making it high performing. Candidates are very less in number who are skilled in Storage Area Network. Good knowledge on the functionality is required for this job. Below are the Storage Area Network interview questions and answers which makes you comfortable to face the interviews:

san interview questions

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