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sysco interview questions

Sysco job interviews screen candidates for excellent sales and customer service skills. Applicants must fill out the required forms to earn job interview consideration. After the receipt of applicant information, human resources representatives contact eligible workers to schedule interview sessions. Generally taking between a few days and several weeks to complete, the interview process involves phone screenings and multiple one-on-one or panel job interviews. The human resources representatives who set up interview sessions often serve as the interviewers for initial phone screenings, as well. Candidates advancing to in-person interviews frequently meet with two or three hiring managers consecutively over the course of a single day.

To ensure a solid performance at each interview session, show initiative and preparedness by researching the company history, services provided, and job description of the desired position prior to interviewing. Highlight any previous experience serving customers in the food service industry to demonstrate suitability for the job. Maintain a professional demeanor at all times and express appreciation for the interview opportunity. Shake hands with each interviewer upon arriving and before leaving to exude a confident and enthusiastic personality. Follow up a few days after completing the interview process to further indicate desire for the job.

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Sysco

  • If you are looking for a driving job which they are actually hiring right now just be yourself. Just be prepared for a very physical Job that pays very well. Some of our drivers make over 120,000 but …Shared on April 9, 2022 – Transportation Router – Plympton, MA
  • Sat in parking lot waiting to be greeted for an interview for 40 minutes and then left. Then was called 5 minutes later confused about why I left. Responded by telling him I had another interview and …Shared on November 3, 2020
  • Lol run! It’s not worth it. They will work you to break down. The turn over rate is insanely high.Shared on March 17, 2020
  • Employee referral26 %
  • Through Indeed23 %
  • Other13 %
  • Recruiter contacted me12 %
  • Other online job site10 %
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  • Many retail-based organizations require their employees to wear a uniform. Talk to the interviewer about any times that you have been required to wear a uniform. What are your thoughts on this? Be sure to keep your answer positive and avoid speaking poorly of the practice surrounding uniforms.

    “I have worn a uniform for work at restaurant XYZ and when I was a retail manager for company ABC. I have seen the uniforms worn by the retail employees at Sysco and see that it adds a strong level of professionalism.”

    “I think that uniforms are a great way to provide a feeling of unity in the workplace. May I see what your uniforms look like?”

    I have no issues with wearing a company uniform. Most establishments require a uniform or name badge.

    sysco interview questions

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