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Area Manager Interview Questions
  • How many years of experience do you have as a manager, and how many people did you manage? …
  • How do you describe your management style, and what could you do to be more effective? …
  • Have you noticed changes in your management style over the years?

AREA MANAGER Interview Questions & Answers (How To Pass an AREA MANAGER Interview!)

13.    What Is Your Preferred Management Style?

Every manager has their preferred management style. However, make sure that yours is not authoritarian since part of your work as an area manager is to motivate employees.

Sample Answer

I believe in working as a team and delegating duties, which makes everyone have a sense of ownership. I always inspire my team and the employees who look up to me towards a common objective and maintain an open line of communication where they can express themselves freely.

28) How Would You Prepare For An Important Meeting?

interview questions for area manager

Does the candidate do all the work alone? Or do they bring in trusted team members to assist and to gain valuable training? The way your interviewee prepares for an important meeting is indicative of the way they will manage a team and integrate into the existing business culture.

4) Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

This question is an ideal follow-up to, “What do you know about our business?” because it goes directly to the candidate’s motivation for applying for the job.

Asking this question — and the answer the individual provides — gives you insight into the benefits they perceive they’ll gain by working for your company.

If they reply with something about your stellar customer service or your business strategy, that’s a good sign. If they indicate that their interest is because your business pays the highest wage of all your competitors, that’s a bad sign.

If the candidate’s answer is vague, ask a follow-up question or two to get to the heart of the matter.

12.   How Do You Deal With Disagreements?

This is an operational question that seeks to determine how you go about your role as an area manager. Disagreements are common, especially when a team is involved. However, as a manager, you should have a way of solving them or responding.

Sample Answer

Disagreements are common in this line of work. Whenever I notice a rift between two of my staff members, I usually summon them and help them settle their differences. I act as a mediator, giving them a chance to share their side of the story before assisting them in reaching an agreement/solution without imposing mine.

15.   How Good Are You at Handling Stress and Pressure From Work?

Being an area manager is highly demanding, and with it comes lots of pressure and stress. If you can handle these, you will be formidable.

Sample Answer

I have developed effective stress handling techniques over the years. I take yoga classes and meditate a lot, which helps me a great deal. As for the pressure that comes with this role, I believe that it unlocks the beast within me and motivates me to go even harder. It is, therefore, safe to say that I can work well under pressure.

This is a chance to sell yourself and mention some of the unique things that the company stands to gain from your expertise. Mention your skills and accomplishments and make sure that you are positive.

Sample Answer

I am passionate about sales and marketing. I have been in this field for quite some time and therefore understand it inside out. If given a chance, I will use everything that I have learned to succeed in this organization.

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