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Do you want to level up your professional career and become a communications manager? Below, you will find the most common communications manager interview questions and answers. We also give you tips on how to ace your interview, the skills you must list in your resume, and where to look for jobs.

Communications Manager Interview Questions:
  • How can social media promote brand image? …
  • What important factors do you evaluate before developing a communications strategy for a new product? …
  • Can you describe a time a brand campaign didn’t perform as well as you expected?

Top 20 Communications Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Tell me about a campaign that didn’t go as expected and what you did as a result.


You’ll want to assess how frequently your candidate reviews a communications campaign and whether or not changing course is a routine response. You’re also looking for how the candidate responds to failure. With today’s technology, it can be relatively easy to adjust and tweak a communications program that is underperforming. This question is designed to see if responsiveness and continuous improvement are top of mind for your candidates. What to look for in an answer:

  • Mature response to failed campaigns
  • Ability to pivot mid-campaign where necessary to improve a program
  • A focus on continuous improvement in work
  • “One unique but somewhat risky communications campaign resulted in a very low response rate during the first month. As I was monitoring and reviewing the data regularly, we were able to make the necessary changes in a timely manner and improve results.”


    Communication skills are tested from the first moment

    Before analyzing the questions, I want you to understand something: From the first look you give them and the first handshake, the hiring managers observe your verbal and non-verbal communication.

    It is crucial to talk with enthusiasm, to keep an eye contact, to talk to the point (answer exactly what they inquire about), to react promptly to the questions, to ask questions.

    You will need all these skills as a communications manager, and unless you demonstrate them with your conduct in an interview, even the best interview answers won’t save you, and they will send you home. So ensure you will do this right.

    Let’s have a look at the questions.

    interview questions for communications manager

    5. Describe Your Daily Routine

    How does your day as a communications manager unfold? What are some of the activities you do daily? While answering this question, please describe a busy day or one that you felt the most contentment. Also, show a proactive approach to work.

    Sample Answer

    My day begins early, given that I am an early riser. Once I get to the office, I plan out my day by listing all the activities that need my attention. I then meet with the team and discuss different signs of progress and assign more duties, if any. The rest of the day is spent walking around the company and talking to people from different departments, monitoring the company’s social media accounts, and identifying anything that requires publication or presentation.

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