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Nordstrom Interview Questions
  • Tell us about yourself? …
  • What can you tell us about Nordstrom? …
  • Why do you want to work for Nordstrom? …
  • What is your greatest strength? …
  • What is your greatest weakness? …
  • How would you deal with an upset customer? …
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? …
  • Why should I hire you?

Top 5 Most Asked Nordstrom Interview Questions and Answers

Conseils pour une entrevue chez Nordstrom

  • Style décontracté et professionnel (p. ex. tout aller)62 %
  • Style formel (complet-veston)21 %
  • Style décontracté (t-shirt et jean)9 %
  • Aucun code vestimentaire7 %
  • Tenue spéciale (p. ex. équipement de protection)1 %
  • Conseils des candidats pour une entrevue chez Nordstrom

  • Just be yourself. Publié le 30 mai 2022 – Server/ supervisor – Etobicoke, ON
  • Dress well, learn the companys history, ask smart questions, show them that you are not afraid of the sales targets (because they are really high). Thank them for taking the time to interview you. Al…Publié le 9 novembre 2021 – Beauty Advisor – Counter Manager – Toronto, ON
  • They pay isn’t great and even with the staff discount you won’t be able to afford the stuff they sell. But it’s a place where you can work yourself up to a better pay and position with better benefits…Publié le 27 décembre 2019 – Seasonal Worker – Vancouver, BC
  • Comment les candidats ont obtenu une entrevue

  • Par lintermédiaire du site d’Indeed39 %
  • Autre site demploi sur Internet18 %
  • Recommandation d’un employé13 %
  • Autre13 %
  • Candidature spontanée en personne9 %
  • nordstrom rack interview questions

    Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment? Nordstrom Employee: Just be ready to talk about your experience with handling situations with customer service, because they’re really big on customer service. That’s the number one thing, and Nordstrom is always known for their customer service. Just talk about experience with that, and how you would handle situations, and if there’s anything in the past that would help with that.

    One of the most well-known department stores among upscale shoppers, Nordstrom offers hundreds of clothing options and apparel for men, women, and children. Complimentary services like cafes and coffee shops help make the company one of the more extravagant retailers in the industry. To fill open vacancies for employment, the company hires dedicated and friendly workers to perform exceptional customer service throughout all store departments.

    Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties. Nordstrom Stocker: I was a re-stocker in the men’s clothing department. Usually, I would just go in the back, and whenever there was clothing missing in certain aisles or certain clothing types, I would just go in the back, and they would tell me re-stock it.

    Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process? Nordstrom Stocker: It was actually pretty simple, because my mom works there, so she just got an application for me for home. I went home and I filled it out. I went in there, they interviewed me, asked me a little bit on my history and how many hours I’m available. I kind of already got the job, because my mom worked there. It wasn’t too rigorous.

    When answering scenario-based questions, candidates should remember how much the company values sound judgment and tact. Every answer should be backed up with supporting evidence in some way, whether referencing personal or professional experiences, and all in clear and concise tones. Nonverbal communication remains equally important for anyone looking for a job with Nordstrom. Also known as body language, nonverbal communication includes everything from good eye contact to proper posture to body movements like hand twitching and foot tapping. Avoid excessive body movement, but refrain from staying rigid throughout the interview. Applicants who appear comfortable will be granted much greater hiring chances.

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