Top 20+ Office 365 Interview Questions And Answers 2022

Are you preparing for Microsoft Office 365 job interview? Microsoft Office 365 is the package of software and its related services. Users should subscribe to it to get all the benefits. You can find it in every desktop, laptop, mobiles. It has word, excel, presentation documents which enriches the message context and content. It can be downloaded from internet and can be set up using a single sign-on with Active Directory. Once in a quarter it’s updates are released. It has release a package only for education purpose called Office 365 Education. There is huge demand for this technology in the market. Good knowledge on these concepts will fetch you the job. Wisdomjobs framed Microsoft Office 365 interview questions and answers to make it easier for your interview preparation.

Top 20 Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers

office 365 interview questions

We all are familiar with Microsoft Office 365 as its products and services are used for various business technologies. It is a subscription-based service from which we can access various office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and many more. Demand for this technology is so huge in the market that one can think of making their career by going through these various Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers.

ADFS or Active Directory Federation Services is web service and feature in the Windows Server Operating System which enables sharing of identity information to any user not inside an organization network. This is used mainly in Office 365 so that people who are not a part of the organization can access limited data. Is this helpful? Yes No

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

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To make Autodiscover work without any user interaction, Microsoft has developed a method for telling Outlook to find the configuration info it needed automatically. This was accomplished by using a few DNS lookups based on a set piece of information that everyone had to put in, i.e., the email address. Is this helpful? Yes No

Office 365 Interview Questions: Licensing

What is the difference between E1 and E3 licensing?

Same applications, but E3 comes with fully installed applications, the ability to have the applications on up to 5 devices, and an unlimited inbox.

Can different plans be combined to meet specific needs?

Yes, but only within each of the three plan groupings: small business, midsize business, and enterprise.

Which Office 365 subscription plan provides live phone support 24/7 and includes enterprise voices capabilities, which plan meets these requirements?

How many partner access licenses (PALs) per tenant are included with an Office 365 subscription for midsize businesses and enterprises?

For more information about Office 365 Licensing, check our interview with our Director of Service Delivery about Office 365 Licensing.

Office 365 Administrator Interview Questions & Answers

In this first post of the series, we are going to focus on Office 365 licensing, admin functions, and PowerShell.

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