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Can you talk about a time you disagreed with a supervisor about a resident situation and how you resolved the issue? What is your process for choosing new potential residents for the properties you manage? Have you ever had to evict a tenant?

Interview Tips & Guidance – Assistant Property Managers

To help you prepare for your Property Manager interview, here are 43 interview questions and answer examples.

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interview questions for assistant property manager

Think of lessons learned in extra curricular activities, in clubs, in classes that had a profound impact on your personal development. For example, I had to lead a team of 5 people on a school project and learned to get people with drastically different personalities to work together as a team to achieve our objective.

Be very careful answering this question as most organization employ professionals with an array of personalities and characteristics. You dont want to give the impression that youre going to have problems working with anyone currently employed at the organization. If you through out anything trivial youre going to look like a whiner. Only disloyalty to the organization or lawbreaking should be on your list of personal characteristics of people you cant work with.

You can cite personal life changes, work place changes, career changes, technology change, industry change. The key is to discuss how seeing or experiencing that change has helped your development. For example, the recent changes in social media has broadened my horizons and helped me learn new forms of efficient marketing.

Companies want staff that can ramp quickly, but also want people who are realistic. So take into consideration how intense the job is and then give a good answer. For example, if you have simple responsibilities that dont require a huge development curve, then your ramp time will probably be shorter. If its a complex set of skills that you need to develop, then your ramp time could be longer – the key is you have to explain why you believe that ramp time should be.

Wow, do we have problems! Where do I begin? Well, most of the problems are internal, just people not working well with each other. I have one person on our team who is a real problem, but it seems like management is afraid to do anything about it. So we all end up having to do extra work to cover for this person, who just doesnt work. We all say that hes retired in place. I think hes just holding on until retirement in a couple years. But hes a real problem. I complain about it–a lot–but nothing ever seems to get done. Ive even written negative reviews about the person, hoping he will get canned, but it doesnt happen. I cant wait for him to retire.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement.

Your response to this question will demonstrate your job performance as well as what you regard as a success. This is the time to brag about your past achievements.

Sample Answer

“When I got this position of a property manager( 3 years go), I designed new measures of collecting and growing the revenue in the properties I manage. Through this, the revenue increased from 66% to 89%. I have also been able to retain the tenants in the properties I manage and reduced the tenant turnover rate by 32%.”

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