Top 21 Drupal Interview Questions & Answers (2022 Update)

Drupal Interview Questions and Answers (2022)
  • Explain caching in Drupal?
  • Can you explain how the database system of Drupal works?
  • What is a render array in Drupal?
  • What is Drupal’s taxonomy system and what are some of its key features?
  • Explain the concept of “nodes” in a Drupal system.
  • What Are Hooks?

Drupal Interview Questions and Answers

Let’s have a look at Drupal Interview Questions and Solutions for Experienced:

Ans: Render arrays are the fundamental building blocks of Drupal content. Render arrays in Drupal give you a systematic approach to updating content programmatically before it is displayed.

4. What is the concept of a subtheme?

Ans: This is the basic version of Drupal. It provides all the basic features. It has a totally unique look with unique features.

7. Can Drupal work with JavaScript?

Ans: Drupal presents strategies for enforcing JavaScript. Using those strategies will assist in maintaining your code smoothly and in making certain compatibility with the manner different modules enforce JavaScript.

A couple of easy concepts manual Drupals JavaScript approach:

All pages must be flawlessly practical without scripts. JavaScript presents options or supplements, now no longer replacements for trendy elements. No JavaScript is hard-coded into pages. Rather, movements are connected dynamically to web page elements–and best if the wanted JavaScript aid is present.

2. What are the skills Drupal developers should have?

Ans: These are the following skills:

A. Strong knowledge of PHP programming language. B. Should know installing and setting up drupal modules. C. Hands-on knowledge of drupal theme development. D. Strong knowledge of version control, maybe by using GitHub. E. In-depth knowledge of drupal security.

6. Define the patch and demonstrate how to use it in Drupal?

Ans: A patch is a file that contains a list of differences between two or more sets of files. Patches can be used in Drupal to make code modifications such as additions and deletions to the Drupal core. The changes are made in a systematic, standard manner, with the application making changes to the other copy of the primary or original file.

9. Write down the different Drupal Distributions?

Ans: In drupal distribution, you can get drupal core, extra software modules, extra themes, extra libraries, and all installation profiles. You can use this distribution for the given purposes:

A. Faster site binding. B. Learning drupal. C. Demoing drupal. D. Evaluating drupal. 10. What are the different SEO modules available in drupal? A. Google Analytics. B. Service Links. C. Pathauto. D. Related Links. E. Search 404. F. Url list.

Ans: You can find out the built-in taxonomy system in drupal. It helps to categorize the nodes on any particular website. You can also use this in arbitrary vocabularies. This vocabulary does not have any limitations. You can create an unlimited vocabulary. Once users enter tags, they automatically will insert them into the vocabulary. This is one of the power systems.

18. Can you connect with the Drupal search system?

Ans: Now you can search for specific content on the website by using search systems. You can search the users and the particular words also. You can find out the default rendering codes in the content.

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