Top 61 QlikView Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Basic QlikView Interview Questions and Answers
  • In QlikView, what are the objects having only expression and no dimension? …
  • Explain join and its types. …
  • What is the difference between Keep and Join? …
  • What is the difference between the Let and Set options in QlikView? …
  • What is Fact Constellation Schema?

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26. What are Modifiers?

Modifiers deal with the Fields name.


The above code returns the sales for the current selection, but the selection in ‘Region’ is removed.

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43. Define the Connect statement.

The connect statement is used to establish a connection to the database with the help of an ODBC or an OLEDB interface.

55. What is QlikView Comparative Analysis in the QlikView Developer platform?

Business users can quickly gain new insights when analyzing their information in QlikView, with its new comparative analysis options. QlikView app developers can now create multiple selection states in a QlikView app; they can create graphs, tables, or sheets based on different selection sets.

45. What do you mean by RDBMS?

RDBMS stands for ‘Relational Database Management System.’ It arranges data into respective columns and rows.

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58. What are the key differences between QlikView and any other standard statistical software packages (SAS, SPSS, etc.)?

The key difference is in terms of the database used. While SAS is useful in the case of metadata and SPSS is good for analysis; QlikView offers quite a simple visualization that matches MS Excel filtering.

When comparing QlikView with the other two, it is the most user-friendly and the fastest in terms of generating diverse dashboards/templates.

In terms of calculations, advanced statistics options are limited in QlikView. For market research and analysis, SPSS has direct facility algorithms.

24. Define Right Join.

Right join specifies that the join between the two tables should be right join; it uses before the word ‘join’. The resulting table only contains the combination among two tables with the full dataset from the second table.

6. What is a Pivot table?

A pivot table is better at the time of grouping. We can also show a pivot table like a cross table, which is a beneficial feature. However, there is a disadvantage with pivot tables, i.e., if we have to sort a pivot table, then we have to sort it first according to the first dimension, then to the next.

39. What is Mapping Load?

Mapping load is used to create the mapping table that can be used for replacing field values and field names.

12. What do you understand by layers in QlikView?

Layers are basically set on sheet object properties in the layout tab, where there are options such as Bottom, Top, and Normal, respective to the numbers −1, 0, and 1.

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42. Define NoConcatenation.

NoConcatenation prefix is used to force two identical tables as two separate internal tables.

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