uber interview questions and answers

Other common Uber behavioral interview questions:
  • What skills do you think are most important to work at Uber?
  • Tell us about your strength and weaknesses.
  • How do you handle a project life cycle?
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?
  • Tell us three things you did not like about your last job.

While Amazon and Microsoft have profited from changing consumer habits induced by the pandemic, Uber is one of the few tech giants that has struggled. Demand for its ride-hailing services fell 50-85 percent in major US cities, according to the New York Times. In May, Uber laid off nearly 7,000 employees — about 25 percent of its staff — and announced it would close 45 of its global offices.

If you’re considering working for Uber, expect to join a company undergoing major changes. UberEats recently surpassed Uber’s core ridesharing business in adjusted net revenue, according to a recent quarterly earnings report. Uber is also facing lawsuits in California and Massachusetts from drivers seeking to be reclassified as employees instead of independent contractors.

The company has also wound down its tech incubator and AI labs, where engineers once tested self-driving cars. Most businesses stopped testing driverless technologies during the pandemic because two people are required to ride in the vehicle to prevent accidents, which violates social distancing guidelines.Uber is headquartered in San Francisco, but other U.S. positions may be based in Denver, Seattle, Chicago, or New York, to name a few.

Current and would-be employees at Uber say the interview process is similar to other tech companies, like Google or Facebook. Not all interview reviews are positive– on Glassdoor, many candidates report not receiving feedback or a formal rejection if they are dropped from the hiring process.

UBER Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS an UBER Job Interview!)

Interviews for Top Jobs at Uber

Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at Uber


2 one hour technical interviews that consisted of: ~10 minutes introductions~40 minutes coding ~10 minutes for questions at the endThe coding part was done through a shared code signal document and was on a similar difficulty of a leetcode medium-hard.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about a project.

Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at Uber (San Francisco, CA)


Had phone screening, passed and then had the onsite with them. Recruiters and people who coordinated this are always changing. Two of my interviewers are pretty unprofessional, doing their own things during the interview process

Interview Questions

  • Top k; BFS for graph; uber related system design

Manager Interview


I interviewed at Uber


First a met with the HR representative and then with “my future boss”. Afterwards you have to do a case study which you are given like 3 days to answer

Interview Questions

  • Give examples of time when you had to use dara

Why do you want to work for Uber?

Try to praise their brand for something. You can say that you believe in the value of shared economy, and the positive impact it has on our environment, and want to work for the best player in the field. You can also praise their user interface, and explain how the customer experience motivated you to eventually apply for a job in the company.

Perhaps you got a recommendation form someone who’s already with the company. They recommended you the job, praising the quality and innovation the company focuses on. Or they told you about excellent employee benefits (this applies mostly to engineering roles), or about anything else that motivated you to apply.

One way or another, you haven’t chosen this job by accident. Uber is your first choice, you like the company, you understand that shared economy is the future, and that’s why you decided to apply with them.

Can you please tell us something about your experience?

You should refer to any relevant roles you had. Obviously this depends on the job you try to get with Uber. In an ideal case, you should actually tell them a meaningful story.

It starts with your education (in a relevant field), then it continues with some jobs you had (in which you learned a lot of things that will help you to do a great job with Uber), and culminates exactly at this moment–when you are trying to get a job with the company, interviewing at Uber.

As long as your story makes sense, and as long as they see that you learned something in your former jobs and perhaps even achieved something for your past employers, they will be happy about your answer.


The following seven skills and qualities are required to work at tech companies such as Uber. Prior to attending your Uber job interview, learn these skills and qualities and be able to recite them if required.


Without great customer service, people won’t use Uber’s services and they won’t recommend them to others. Uber has been built on outstanding customer service.


You need an innovative approach to creating products and services and resilience to overcome problems and challenges when they occur. uber is one of the greatest tech companies in the world right now, and it has reached that status through determination, resilience, and innovation.


Other important skills and qualities include collaboration capabilities. Although there will be times when you will work alone at Uber, you must be capable of working as part of a team and always focus on achieving the team’s objectives.


You must be prepared to work to high standards in all roles at uber. Everything must be done to exacting standards and you must also be capable of following the relevant rules and procedures of the company. This ensures everyone, including co-workers and customers are safe.


You must have strong communication & interpersonal skills. How we communicate and interact with others at work goes a long way to making sure tasks and projects are completed on time and the desired standard.

Whilst the above list of skills and qualities needed to work at Uber is not exhaustive, it gives you a good idea of the ones that will enable you to perform consistently well at this outstanding company!


What are the questions asked in Uber interview?

Let’s have a look at 10 of them, commonly asked at Uber: Tell us about a time when you felt overwhelmed with work. Tell us about a conflict you had with a colleague in one of your former jobs. Describe a situation when you had to motivate someone in work (for example your colleague from the same working group).

Why do you wanna join Uber?

At Uber we’re constantly reimagining the way the world moves. We love going after the big problems and seizing the opportunities that come with challenging work. This means we sometimes have to make trade-offs and deal with difficult decisions that must be made.

Are Uber interviews hard?

Uber interviews are known to be among the toughest in the industry.

What are the most important skills and qualities needed to work at Uber?

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE. Without great customer service, people won’t use Uber’s services and they won’t recommend them to others. …

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