Mastering the Art of PA School Interviews: 110 Questions to Conquer in 2024

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Top 3 PA School Interview Questions – Most Common + You Need to Know!


What kind of questions are asked in a PA school interview?

Expect to be asked a lot of biographical questions about yourself, your values, and what you do in your free time. For example, an interviewer may ask what book you last read. While they may seem irrelevant, the admissions committee wants to know about you and your hobbies as much as possible.

Are PA school interviews hard?

Physician assistant school interviews are daunting, plain and simple. If you’re scheduled to interview at a PA school, you are nearing the end of a long and often tedious process. But one last push remains. Preparation cannot guarantee success, but it is the single biggest factor in any interview.

How do I ace my PA program interview?

Consider whether your background is distracting. Then, arrive early and check it all again. Ask thoughtful questions: In many interview situations, you can ask your own questions. Prepare questions ahead of time and write them down.

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