40 Leasing Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

Since most people do not go to high school or college anticipating becoming a leasing consultant, many interviewers will assume that you are interested in furthering your career—as you should be. This question allows you to provide this information to your interviewer. “I intend to work as a leasing consultant for a few years, but I would eventually like to own my own property management company” is a great answer as long as it is truthful. “I have not focused on the future yet, but I am very dedicated to my career and I have the education and experience it takes to do the job well” is another good answer if you are unsure about the future.

Role-specific interview questions
  • Why do you make you a great salesperson?
  • Why is customer service important for a leasing consultant?
  • How do you use technology to organize your work? …
  • What kind of lodges/properties have you dealt with in the past? …
  • How do you manage priorities when working with multiple deadlines?

Interview with DeRosa’s Leasing Agent

7. Tell me about a time you missed a deadline and how you handled it.

This question is used to find out how you respond to mistakes in the workplace. Describing how you handled a missed deadline shows interviewers you can keep calm under pressure, fix the situation and learn from the experience. When preparing your answer, try to show the positive outcome and how it would help you in this position.

Example: “I once missed a deadline for sending a tenant a lease renewal for their apartment. I was supposed to send the lease a month before, but Id missed that tenant on my list. First, I let the property owner know about my mistake. Then, I reached out to the tenant to apologize and confirm that they were not moving out. Finally, I sent the lease to the tenant and did not charge them for the month. After that, I always checked my lists twice after sending important documents to tenants.”

3. What are your professional objectives?

Interviewers are more concerned about how the position youre interviewing will fit into your objectives, even if you have several aspirations for the future. Answer honestly and emphasize your commitment to this role.

“In the coming years, I plan to return to school to pursue a bachelors degree in business administration. Id like to work as a property manager in the future. This leasing consultant role would allow me to obtain significant experience working with property owners and tenants while also introducing me to new professional contacts.”

9. How do you deal with adversity?

Because of technological advancements, several occupational categories are fast changing. This question may be asked to assess your capacity to adapt to and utilize new technology or knowledge to your advantage. Prepare for this question by recounting a time when you took advantage of a change.

“Im a good change agent. A property owner recently changed their property and website to reflect a new perspective. I used to advertise the apartment community as a location for singles or older couples, but once the property owner installed two playgrounds and a basketball court, I modified my ads to target families with children. It was unfamiliar territory for me, but I relished the challenge.”

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