Mastering the 50 Most Common Residency Interview Questions: A Comprehensive Guide

As a prospective resident, securing a coveted residency position is a pivotal step in your medical journey. One of the most critical components of the residency application process is the interview, where you have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills, and fit for the program. To help you navigate this crucial phase, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the 50 most common residency interview questions, complete with insightful example answers.

Why Prepare for Residency Interview Questions?

The residency interview is a two-way street: it allows the program to evaluate your suitability, while also providing you

How to Answer Common Residency Interview Questions (with Examples!)


What is your biggest weakness residency interview?

You should answer with a genuine weakness that isn’t a deal breaker and that you’ve taken steps, or are willing to improve. Read on for examples. If you’re applying to a program with a heavy emphasis on patient interaction, don’t cite poor communication skills as your weakness.

How do you answer a difficult residency interview question?

Common interview questions address your plans for the future, why you chose the program, and what you’ll bring to the program if selected. Also prepare to discuss a patient care problem or challenge and how you handled it, and the most interesting case you experienced during your rotations.

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