9 types of questions to expect in your law enforcement promotional interview

Police departments have an organizational structure that helps everything run smoothly. Police sergeants serve an important position within the police department hierarchy, where they can provide guidance and instruction for other officers. You can prepare to become a police sergeant by reviewing common interview questions while you gain the essential qualifications for the role In this guide, we discuss how to become a police sergeant and provide you with sample questions and answers to help you prepare for the interview phase.

Police Promotional Oral Board Interview: Types of Questions, Opening Statements

14. What Did Not Impress You In Your Former Role?

The employer will know what type of employee you are from how you speak of your former workplace.

Tip #1: Do not talk ill of your former workplace; however bad it was.

Tip #2: Think of something you disliked in your former role

Sample Answer

My last job had lots of great things. However, I still believe that there should have been a direct channel for communicating with superiors for urgent cases.

6.    Briefly Describe Your Experience.

The interviewer wants to know some of the things that have built your career. You can talk about some of the places that you have worked in and the roles you had.

Tip #1: Mention experiences that have built your career.

Tip #2: Only talk about the relevant ones.

Sample Answer

Upon finishing my training, I was posted in (provide the name of the police station or post). I was charged with (outline the roles). After two years, I was promoted to (provide the role), where I was responsible for (mention your work). I then left the service to focus on personal investments, a period where I learned a lot about management.

15. What Has Been Your Biggest Achievement In The Force?

The employer is simply assessing how you gauge achievements. Therefore, think through this question.

Tip #1: Try not to be self-centred in your answer

Tip #2: You can talk of an experience.

Sample Answer

I joined the force to fight gangs that I saw terrorizing people in the place I grew up. Five years into my career, I was posted in my hometown and charged with investigating gang activities in the area. After conclusive investigations, we managed to take down some of the most vicious gangs in our region. This, to date, has been one of my greatest achievements since I got to give back to my community.

The employer wants to know what makes you unique and convinces you that you are the most qualified candidate.

Tip #1: You need to highlight some of your qualities.

Tip #2: Talk bout some of the things that you believe make you unique

Sample Answer

I have been in the police force for the past two decades. I have seen and led some of the biggest criminal takedowns in my area of operations. I have also taken the time and educated myself on matters touching on police work. I have also been in several leadership roles and boards.

4. Apply for open sergeant positions

Once you have sufficient experience and a sergeant position opens, you can apply for the job. The hiring board then considers your record as an officer, years of experience, formal education, reputation with colleagues and your different areas of expertise within the department. If the hiring board decides to hire someone else, seek feedback on the areas you can improve for the next time a position opens.

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