Preparing for an Interview at Airgas – Common Questions and How to Answer Them

Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is more than a leading U. S. producer and supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, hardgoods and safety products. We’re the ones who solve problems and do our best every day so our customers can do theirbest. Here, you can do work that makes a difference. You’ll be encouraged to contribute your ideas. And you’ll receive the support you need to grow. If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love for you to join us and let us help you reach your full potential.

Interviewing at Airgas can be an exciting opportunity, but also nerve-wracking as you prepare for the big day Knowing what to expect and how to best answer the most common Airgas interview questions can help you feel confident and ready to ace the interview

In this comprehensive guide I’ll walk you through the types of Airgas interview questions you’re likely to encounter provide sample answers, and offer tips on how best to prepare so you can land the job. Whether it’s your first interview or you’re looking to transition roles within the company, read on for insider advice that will help you shine in your Airgas interview.

Overview of the Airgas Interview Process

The Airgas interview process typically consists of at least two rounds:

  • First phone or video screening: a 30- to 45-minute interview with an HR representative or hiring manager to check basic qualifications and fit This round may focus heavily on resume review.

  • In-person interview: If you pass the initial screening, you’ll be invited for a 4-6 hour on-site interview at an Airgas location. This consists of a series of interviews, often including both technical skills assessments and behavioral questions.

Some positions may also require more extensive assessments like ride-alongs, skills testing, or longer multi-day interviews. Upper management roles could have additional rounds of executive interviews as well.

During the process, Airgas wants to see how well you fit in with the company’s culture and how well you can do technical tasks. Your past experiences and how they relate to the job will be a big part of the interviews. Come prepared to provide concrete examples that showcase your skills.

Let’s look at some of the most frequent Airgas interview questions and how you can ace your responses.

Common Airgas Interview Questions and Answers

Here’s an overview of the types of Airgas interview questions you’re likely to receive and examples of strong answers:

General Questions

  • Tell me about yourself. Focus on highlights from your background that make you a great fit for this role at Airgas. Emphasize relevant skills and accomplishments.

  • Why do you want to work at Airgas? Show enthusiasm for the company’s industry-leading position and diverse opportunities to develop your career over the long-term.

  • Why are you leaving your current position? Remain positive and avoid bashing your old company. Focus on seeking ongoing growth opportunities or alignment with Airgas’ culture/values.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Your goals should align with realistic growth at Airgas. Mention aspiring to take on additional responsibilities in roles you could be promoted to.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral questions allow you to demonstrate relevant soft skills with real examples. Use the STAR method to structure your answers:

Situation – Brief background/context

Task – The challenge or objective

Action – The steps you personally took

Result – The positive outcome and impact

  • Tell me about a time you provided excellent customer service. Focus on how you identified customer needs, went above and beyond expectations, and delivered positive results. Emphasize patience, empathy and communication skills.

  • Give an example of when you successfully led a project as part of a team. Outline your leadership strategies that empowered your team and drove project success. Share quantifiable results.

  • Describe a time you successfully adapted to a challenging situation. Share how you leveraged problem-solving abilities, flexibility and critical thinking to manage unpredictable circumstances. Keep the focus positive.

  • Tell me about a difficult coworker and how you worked together. Discuss compromises made and inclusive leadership strategies you employed to build an effective working relationship. Demonstrate emotional intelligence.

Airgas Knowledge and Skills Questions

  • What experience do you have with cryogenic/compressed gases? For technical roles, highlight your depth of hands-on experience working directly with gases like nitrogen, helium, and argon.

  • How would you ensure excellent customer service in our fast-paced distribution environment? Share tactics for balancing speed and quality, such as clear communication, organization, and coordinating drivers to maximize efficiency.

  • What safety practices would you implement when delivering hazardous materials? Demonstrate your safety knowledge and commitment. Mention proper labeling, handling precautions, route planning, PPE, and driver training.

  • How would you go about resolving a customer complaint regarding an order discrepancy? Discuss steps like thoroughly investigating the issue, taking ownership of the problem, apologizing for the inconvenience, brainstorming solutions, and following up.

  • For sales roles:

    • What techniques would you use to establish rapport and identify customer needs? Emphasize asking probing questions, active listening, building trust, uncovering pain points, and matching products/services to desires.

    • How would you prepare for a sales call with a new prospect? Research their business needs online and through colleagues, review your offering, tailor your pitch, prepare potential questions, and clearly define call objectives/next steps.

Airgas Culture Questions

  • What interests you about Airgas’ company culture? Show you’ve researched the culture on sites like Glassdoor. Highlight aspects that align with your own principles like safety, ethics, quality, accountability, teamwork, and growth.

  • How would you contribute to our culture of ____________? Choose a cultural keyword like “innovation” or “excellence” and share examples of how you demonstrated that value in past roles through specific anecdotes.

  • How would you handle an ethical dilemma at work? Discuss how you’d assess the situation objectively, consult your team/manager appropriately, examine company policy, and aim to uphold moral principles. Focus on integrity.

  • What challenges do you think our industry/company is facing? Demonstrate you’re up to speed on trends impacting the industrial gas/distribution space and Airgas’ role. Share ideas for how you could help Airgas respond effectively.

Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Always prepare 2-3 thoughtful questions to ask at the end of your interview. This demonstrates your engagement and interest in the company/role.

Example questions to consider:

  • What does a typical day or week look like in this role?

  • How is success measured for this position?

  • What are some of the biggest challenges facing your department right now and how can this role help overcome them?

  • What are some of the skills or qualities that make someone really excel in this role?

  • What opportunities are there for advancement and professional development?

  • What do you enjoy most about working for Airgas?

Tips for Acing Your Airgas Interview

Follow these tips for your best shot at landing the job:

Research the role and company thoroughly – Review the job description, website, LinkedIn, news articles, and Glassdoor. Learn Airgas’ mission, values, culture, products, competitors, and industry position.

Practice responding to common questions – Compile likely questions ahead of time and practice your responses out loud to polish your delivery. Ask a friend or mentor to conduct a mock interview with you.

Review your resume – Refresh yourself on key details of your background. Be ready to expand on resume highlights with stories and examples. Have quantifiable achievements ready.

Prepare smart questions for the interviewer – Ask thoughtful, well-informed questions that show your engagement with the role and company. Take notes so you can refer back later if needed.

Dress professionally – Even for virtual interviews, dress professionally from head to toe to convey respect and confidence.

Sell your skills and strengths – Come equipped with stories that highlight your qualifications for the role. Emphasize times you excelled in areas critical for the position like sales, customer service, analytics, leadership, etc.

Express enthusiasm for the role – Convey excitement at the prospect of contributing your skills and experience to help the company achieve its goals. Demonstrate passion.

Watch your body language – Maintain confident, open body language – steady posture, smiling, eye contact, and active listening signals like nodding. This makes a great impression.

Ask about next steps – Before leaving, ask about anticipated next steps in the hiring process and timeline. Reaffirm your strong interest in the role and appreciation for their time. Follow up promptly with thank you notes.

With preparation and practice, you can really impress during your Airgas interviews. Show them you’re a strong cultural addition with the right mix of skills, experience, and work ethic to excel in the role. Now get out there and land that job! You’ve got this.

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What our associates are saying about working at Airgas:

“I love the work I get to do at Airgas. I get to work with outstanding co-workers and help our customers find solutions to their problems. The support and encouragement I’ve received here has allowed me to grow so much. ”.

Sales & Customer Service

People who work in sales and customer service are always on the front lines and help customers solve problems when they need help and advice.

We help our drivers get ahead in their careers by giving them competitive pay, lots of bonuses, chances to move up in the company, training, flexibility, and a safety-first culture.

Our core business teams are made up of smart, hardworking people who love what they do and the difference they can make as a team.

We believe in potential. Because of this, we give ambitious professionals a lot of chances to gain experience, learn on the job, start and grow their careers with us.

Airgas offers rewarding careers that allow our team members to truly thrive. Our culture of diversity and inclusion makes everyone feel welcome and encourages them to work together. It also gives everyone the chance to share their voice, opinions, experiences, values, and ideas. Some of the smartest, hardest working, and most dedicated people in the country run our company. They all share the same values and work together to make it happen. At Airgas:

Safety and Support Come First: We work in a safe and welcoming space where everyone feels like family, and we all take safety very seriously. We respect each other, look out for one another and work together to deliver our best every day.

Your Service Is Important: Do work that you enjoy that is both interesting and important for the health of our customers, company, community, and planet.

Be Yourself While Becoming Your Best Work where you’re accepted for who you are, seen for what you can become, and given chances to reach your full potential

Air Products v Airgas: Interview of Kevin Shannon


What is the star method when interviewing?

The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing. Situation: Describe the situation that you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish.

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