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Here are several behavioral questions that have been asked in Allied Universal interviews:
  • Tell me about a stressful situation and how you dealt with it.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to work with a disruptive person. …
  • Tell me about a time you resolved a problem for a frustrated customer or client.

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Interviews for Top Jobs at Allied Universal

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  2. Can you commute on a daily basis?
  3. Are you able to stand for long periods of time?
  4. How does your experience translate to this job?
  5. Tell me about a time where you had to make a tough decision based on business needs and how did you communicate the decision.
  6. Your work experience, how long are you in the state, do you have any military background?
  7. Do you have a valid drivers license?
  8. What experience do you have in security?
  9. Why did you choose to apply to a job in security?
  10. Describe a time you motivated someone else on your team?
  11. Do you have any issues working within unorganized filling and varied software that require process improvements in addition to regular responsibilities of the role?
  12. During an alarm call what would be your priority?
  13. How long are you going to live up to your poor reputation among job seekers?
  14. You are considered the worst of the worst and you don’t really seem to care?
  15. What is an accomplishment that you are proud of?
  16. What experience do you have?

How would you handle a customer with difficult behavior?

People skills are highly valued in every company, and even so much more so in a company that deals with difficult customers occasionally. It is important to show how you can manage difficult personalities.

  • About YourselfLook back on your experience. Have you worked with a difficult or disruptive person? Remember how you diffused the situation and how you turned things around.
    • Do you have certain principles, or methodology, to deal with difficult people?
    • Do you have strong people skills, are you good at conflict resolution?
    • Are you high on emotional intelligence? Can you give an example?
  • About The Company
    • What have you found about the company and its culture?
    • What have you learned about how the employees value each other?
    • How do they treat their customers?
    • Knowing their line of business or industry, what can be some examples of difficult customers?

    Do your research.

  • About The FitA question like this asked in an interview, may be an indication that difficult customers, or other difficult stakeholders, may indeed be something that you will probably encounter in this company, and it is important for the interviewer to know that you will be able to handle this challenge with good grace. If you can give an example of how you handled a difficult person in the past in a situation similar to what this company may require from you, this will strongly increase your chances of showing yourself as a good fit.

One methodology for diffusing a difficult situation is called “the triple A” approach:

  • Acknowledge – what the other person is feeling,
  • Apologize – for the way the other person is feeling,
  • Admit – that there was an issue that you are working on to get it resolved.

If it is a customer, it would add that extra touch if you added another “A” to your approach by Asking for the customers contact information so you can update them of any progress on their issue.

This question is asked 3% more frequently at Allied Universal than at other companies.

Take a quick quiz and check if you’re ready to answer this question at your next job interview:

Pick the best answer:

AIf the customer is rude and obnoxious, answer in kind and show him that he cannot push you around.

BListen carefully to what the customer is saying to really understand their concerns then repeat back to them what you heard to be sure you have it right, before attempting to help them with the problem.

CTell the customer that he should have known that the sale is final and there is nothing he can do to renegotiate the terms of the deal.

Tell me about your work experience. What was the most interesting?

This question lets an interviewer gauge what makes you tick and whether the job you are applying for corresponds with your areas of excitement and enthusiasm. Such a fit will earn you important points for being a viable candidate.

  • About YourselfReview the details that you shared in your resume. Select the three to five best points to highlight and relate to the position to which youre applying.
  • About The CompanyCarefully research the company and the job description. Find out what duties youll be taking on to determine which of your top skills to emphasize. Try to find out what current challenges they are trying to solve by opening this vacancy.
  • About The FitKnowing the duties for which you will be responsible will help you identify which prior experiences to highlight. How well you connect your previous experiences with the job requirements can tell the interviewer how prepared you are for this role and how enthusiastic you will be about your job.

Do not start your answer with “as you can see from my resume,” even if you have listed those skills and qualities.

Instead, tell a story showing that you can solve problems similar to their current challenges and that you are enthusiastic about this.

You can best do this through constant practice of your STARs.

This question is asked 2.7x more frequently at Allied Universal than at other companies.

allied universal interview questions

Recruitment Fraud Alert: Since 1957, Allied Universal has been keeping people safe and providing peace of mind. Please be aware of phishing scams involving phony job postings on external sites to protect yourself from Recruitment Fraud. Allied Universal’s Careers page URL is If you receive any type of communication on behalf of Allied Universal that seems suspicious or inappropriate, please report this activity to the Better Business Bureau at

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Allied Universal

  • Not to applyCompany does not pay on time and misses hours

    Shared on July 21, 2022 – Security Officer – Bluefield, WV
  • Just be confident in your answers

    Shared on July 11, 2022 – Security Officer – Orlando, FL
  • Bring your resume

    Shared on July 10, 2022 – Security Officer – Las Vegas, NV

How candidates received their first interview at Allied Universal

  • Job Fair through Indeed, get to Meet the Management and Job Selection Choices.

    Shared on July 17, 2021 – JANITOR – Santa Ana, CA
  • I only applied after 3 day i got the job there

    Shared on November 5, 2020 – Security Guard – Tampa, FL
  • My mother met the boss and mentioned I was looking for a job.

    Shared on September 4, 2020 – Security – Jersey City, NJ

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