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If all that sounds good to you — and you understand Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles — keep reading. We’re going to share 100+ of the most common Amazon PM interview questions broken down by category, along with a sampling of how to associate your answer with one or more of the 16 principles.

Amazon Product Manager Interview

Amazon Leadership and Development PM Interview Questions

91. How do you make sure you keep improving as a PM?

92. Tell me about a time you disagreed with engineering and what the outcome was.

93. Why did you choose product management as a career?

94. Tell me about a product you managed from idea to launch.

95. Tell me about a time you have had to drive change.

96. How will you manage a team where team members are more experienced than you and hence don’t respect you?

97. Tell me about a time you overcame a difficult challenge.

98. How will you deal with a talented but abrasive manager?

99. How many people report to you? What is your leadership style?

100. How would you approach your boss two days before launch and tell him that you are not ready?

101. How do you define a good PM vs. a bad PM?

amazon product manager interview questions

An interviewer from a different business unit than the one for which you are applying is referred to as a bar raiser. These interviewers arent affiliated with the team for which youre applying, and theyre more concerned with overall applicant quality than with particular team requirements. They receive specialized training to ensure that Amazons hiring standards remain strong and do not deteriorate over time, and they serve as a significant barrier between you and the work offer.

An email or phone call from an HR recruiter is the first step in the process. They want to make sure you have a strong cultural and experiential fit, so be prepared to talk about your experience as a PM and why youd be a good match at Amazon. They will then assist in the scheduling of the next round.

The next stage is to spend a full day at one of Amazons offices, where you will be interviewed six to seven times. These one-on-one interviews will last about 60 minutes and will include a variety of people from the team youre applying to join, such as colleagues, the recruiting manager, and a senior executive. During the interview, each interviewer is normally given two or three leadership principles to concentrate on.

Phone screen interviews are the next step in the process. Senior members of the Product team – often the hiring manager in charge of the recruiting, will usually conduct this interview. The aim of these discussions is to check an array of topics high level, and ensure your competence in these. e

Once you are through the phone screen, youll likely be asked to write a one- to two-page essay in preparation for your on-site interviews on a subject like “What is the most creative project youve worked on?” or “Talk about an experience in which you were able to make your customers lives easier.” Its important to note that, whether or not its specified in the assignment guidelines, interviewers will be looking at how your essay relates to leadership principles.

amazon product manager interview questions

Getting ready for a product manager interview is usually very nerve-wracking since you may be bombarded with tons of complex questions. When it comes to larger organizations like Amazon, Google, Facebook, or Apple, it can be harder. The largest organization among them is Amazon, and to prepare for it, you need to practice with various Amazon product manager interview questions.

Amazon hires around 800 to 1000 product managers each year across the US. You can apply to multiple product manager jobs at any given time. Always make a note to use an effective product manager resume guide to develop your resume and use product manager cover letter templates to create customized cover letters.

You can check out Amazon product manager interview questions submitted by employees on Glassdoor to get an idea. The following list is a summation of all the Amazon product manager interview questions, including various phone and site interview questions. It can be hard to nail your dream job at Amazon down, but you can prepare for it effectively.

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