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Top 5 School Administrator Interview Questions
  • Why do you want to be a school administrator? …
  • What are your professional goals for the next 5 to 10 years? …
  • Describe how you would deal with budget cuts. …
  • How would you engage students’ parents as active participants in their children’s education?

7 School Administrator Interview Tips

2. How would you decide on an appropriate team building session for the teachers?

Highlights planning and organizational skills, as well as the ability to take everyone’s interests into account.

school administrator interview questions

I have worked up the ladder, first working as a teacher and then eventually being offered an administrative position. Because of possessing experience at the level of a staff member of a school, I am aware of the challenges and limitations that teachers and students face. With this first-hand information, I believe that I can work in a more profound manner than another candidate who is new to this work.

The first thing that I do when handling problematic students is to find out why the problem has occurred in the first place. With students, it is usually an underlying personal problem that eventually leads to bad behavior. Sometimes, the teachers are to blame. I make sure that I get to the bottom of things so I know how to develop a plan to make the student come around and be comfortable.

Teacher training is a constant. Every now and then, it is important for teachers to upgrade their skills. And it is up to administrators like me to ensure that proper training programs are developed so that this is made possible. I concentrate on teacher training more than anything else, as once a teacher is trained, instruction falls into place itself!

Interview Questions for School Administrators:

Demonstrates skill level, experience, and also highlights potentially weak areas.

Education & School Administrator Job Interview Questions & Answers

During a job interview, the hiring manager wants to discuss several things. Think of your:

Below you find a list of commonly asked interview questions.

school administrator interview questions

When conducting a behavior-based interview of candidates for an administrative opening in your school district, you can draw from these sample questions.Knowledge of Students • Tell about your experiences with students in this age range. • How have you worked to help students move to the next level of education and/or toward graduation?Curriculum and Management for Learning • What approaches have you used to ensure the mandated curriculum was covered in a limited amount of time? • How have you helped lead other teachers in organizing the curriculum? • Describe a classroom management plan you have used and a schoolwide one with which you are familiar. Assessment • How have you been able to raise student achievement in the classroom, grade-level or school setting? • Describe an experience where you had to explain standardized test results to parents, other teachers or a school board. • Tell about successful remediation programs that you have used. Personnel, Hiring, Induction• Tell us about your experience in hiring teachers. • How have you helped a single teacher or group of teachers through mentoring or induction? • Tell us about your supervisory experiences of new and experienced teachers.Facilities, Budget, School Safety • Describe your experiences with budget cuts, reallocation of funds or monitoring a budget. • Tell us about your experiences with managing school facilities. What are the special issues for _____ (an elementary school, a middle school, a high school)? • Describe special emergency measures with which you are familiar (violence prevention, tornadoes, snow days, etc.).Public Relations, Communicating With Parents • How have you involved parents/families in the classrooms and schools where you have worked? • What has been your involvement with extracurricular activities? How can they inspire community involvement? • Describe presentations you have made in your community to parents, school board members, professional associations or other teachers. • Tell us about an incident from your experience that required knowledge of school law.Leadership, Vision, Professionalism • Describe a meeting you have led. • Describe any experiences you have had working with a school board. • Tell about your experiences with school accreditation. • Describe your vision for our school here. • What resources do you use to stay current and informed in the field?— Compiled by Mary Clement

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