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How do I prepare for a 3 month coding interview?

For JavaScript, look at Data Structures in JavaScript for Coding Interviews. For C++, check out Data Structures in C++ for Coding Interviews, as well as Algorithms in C++ for Coding Interviews. For Algorithms in various Coding Languages, check out Algorithms and Complexity Analysis: An interview refresher.

What makes a good coding interview?

Not just code: The ideal interview process should be designed to determine more than just how proficient a candidate is with a particular programming language. The emphasis should equally be on finding out how they approach a problem, their ability to adapt, and their potential to learn.

Is it hard to pass coding interview?

Some major tech companies have such difficult coding interviews that software engineers often spend months preparing for them. The questions in the interviews are designed to be difficult, and they can stump even the most experienced developers.

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