Complex SQL Interview Questions

Go through these top Structured Query Language (SQL) interview questions for developers to learn SQL programming thoroughly. SQL is one of the most widely used languages. Almost all bigwigs of the tech industry, such as Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, etc., use SQL. This blog lists all the top SQL interview questions. Learn and ace your SQL interview right away!

A relational database management system (RDBMS) is the most common database used across organizations, making SQL a must-have skill. This blog aims to guide you through various SQL questions from concepts such as MS SQL Server, MySQL database, etc. This blog contains SQL interview questions for freshers and experienced professionals. It is a one-stop resource through which you can avail maximum benefits and prepare for job interviews easily. Check out the top SQL interview questions asked by recruiters today:

Complex SQL Interview Questions for Practice
  • Define and describe the usage of a linked server.
  • Name and explain the different types of Joins.
  • Explain the different types of authentication modes.
  • Which stored procedure would you run when adding a linked server?

10 SQL Interview Queries | SQL Queries for experienced | Important SQL queries

42. How can you handle expectations in SQL Server?

TRY and CATCH blocks handle exceptions in SQL Server. Put the SQL statement in the TRY block and write the code in the CATCH block to handle expectations. If there is an error in the code in the TRY block, then the control will automatically move to that CATCH block.

46. Which command is used to find out the SQL Server version?

The following command is used to identify the version of SQL Server:

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11.How to fetch 3rd highest salary using Rank Function?


12.How Can i create table with same structure of Employee table?(90% asked Complex SQL Queries Examples)


13.Display first 50% records from Employee table?


14.Display last 50% records from Employee table?


15.How Can i create table with same structure with data of Employee table?


16.How do i fetch only common records between 2 tables.


17.Find Query to get information of Employee where Employee is not assigned to the department


18.How to get distinct records from the table without using distinct keyword.


19.Select all records from Employee table whose name is ‘Amit’ and ‘Pradnya’


20.Select all records from Employee table where name not in ‘Amit’ and ‘Pradnya’

Answer: to write sql query for the below scenario I/p:ORACLE

O/p: O R A C L E i.e, splitting into multiple columns a string using sql.


Select Substr(‘ORACLE’,Level,1) From Dual Connect By Level<= Length(‘ORACLE’);

22.How to fetch all the records from Employee whose joining year is 2017?




23.What is SQL Query to find maximum salary of each department?


24.How Do you find all Employees with its managers?(Consider there is manager id also in Employee table)


25.Display the name of employees who have joined in 2016 and salary is greater than 10000?


26.How to display following using query?





We cannot use dual table to display output given above. To display output use any table. I am using Student table.

27.How to add the email validation using only one query?

Answer :

User needs to use REGEXP_LIKE function for email validation.

28.How to display 1 to 100 Numbers with query?


Tip: User needs to know the concept of Hierarchical queries. Click here to get concept of hierarchical queries

29.How to remove duplicate rows from table?(100% asked in Complex SQL Queries for Interviews)


First Step: Selecting Duplicate rows from table

Tip: Use concept of max (rowid) of table. Click here to get concept of rowid.

Step 2: Delete duplicate rows

30.How to find count of duplicate rows? (95% asked in SQL queries for Interviews )


31.How to Find the Joining date of Employee in YYYY-DAY-Date format.

Hope This article named Complex SQL queries examples is useful to all the programmers. This article gives you the idea about Complex SQL Queries examples and will be useful to all the programmers.

Answer :

To_char function is used to convert time to character and ssss will used to convert the time in to seconds.

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