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Reviewing and controlling content on social media platforms and other websites is the responsibility of content moderators. They must be able to recognize offensive content and delete it while still upholding the integrity of the website.

You must be able to work quickly and effectively while maintaining a high standard of accuracy if you want to succeed in this position.

Utilize these illustrations and advice to create a cover letter that will make you stand out from the crowd.

What to Include in a Content Moderator Cover Letter?

  • Investigating and resolving customer inquiries and complaints.
  • reviewing published content and making suggestions for changes to the scope, format, and contents
  • using the appropriate software to review and make the necessary changes to produce documents that are error-free
  • removing scams, spam, and trolling from social media posts and comments and screening fake and malicious user profiles
  • Removing all inappropriate contents that fall within the predefined thresholds.
  • Hiring and training new employees.

Content Moderator Skills:

  • Sound judgment and analytical skills.
  • Sharp eye for detail and a quick mind.
  • The ability to make the right contextual analysis.
  • Proficiency in providing multilingual support.
  • Knowledge of context and the capacity to modify decisions to suit various circumstances and contexts
  • A flexible approach to the moderation process.

Content Moderator Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in media, journalism, or communications.
  • Relevant software proficiency.
  • Knowledge of SEO processes.
  • Social media platform usage skills.

Content Moderator Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

When I learned that your business was in need of a new Content Moderator, I hurried to send my resume. I recognize the value of content moderation in this technologically advanced industry. This is a challenging job that is not always easy. I am confident that I have the strength to meet this requirement for your company, which is a pioneer in producing and delivering content. I have the skill to write dynamic copies and to maintain a fast pace without sacrificing accuracy.

I have a proven track record of implementing effective marketing and communication strategies, from identifying the targeted traffic to creating error-free content to supervising new writers and using social media channels to increase brand exposure. In addition, I have won the confidence of my clients and come to understand the importance of success and consistent revenue growth.

My accomplishments and achievements include the following –

  • Working in ***, I gained experience in developing, designing, and constructing websites with high-quality content targeted at the market, industry, and goods of particular clients.
  • Managed a team of graphic designers, IT specialists, and writers to make sure a website is always internet-ready during the past three years of work, as well as more than 100 contents during the four years prior.
  • Accountability for regularly updating 10 B2C subsites and the corporate landing page of *** with new content, optimizing the website for search engines, and conducting in-depth research to find customer trends.
  • Increasing web traffic by 63% during my initial 6 months sparked the success of email, social media, and web marketing campaigns by monitoring and refining campaigns across various digital media
  • Earning my Master’s degree from *** University.

I am confident that I will be the best choice for this position at your company given my skills and aptitude for managing teams, inspiring performance, and contributing to ambitious web content. I look forward to discussing the position further with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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content moderator cover letter

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