Cracker Barrel Interview [Must Know Questions and Answers]

Cracker Barrel Interview Process, Advice, & Questions: Everything You Need to Know *Retail Sales*

Career Opportunities at Cracker Barrel

Ans: You must focus on specific restaurant experience and also any other experience you may have in a gift shop. This kind of experience helps you to secure the desired job with Cracker Barrel. You must also use real-life examples to support your answer appropriately. You must focus on your desire to work in the new company and highlight work-related skills which help you achieve the new role smoothly.

Q – 3. What motivates you to become a server with Cracker Barrel?

Ans: You should focus on growing in a fast and challenging environment. You can use your extrovert nature to meet new people and make them feel more welcomed in the restaurant.

Q – 1. Why is Cracker Barrel so popular?


  • It serves customers as both a restaurant and a gift shop.
  • The first store opened in Lebanon Tennessee.
  • Cracker Barrel opened in 1969 and was one of the most popular restaurants for travelers to eat.
  • It has approximately 645 outlets in 44 states.
  • It has a large customer base.
  • They serve a wide variety of pancakes, biscuits every year.
  • They also believe in delivering excellent customer service.
  • Do you have your own transportation?

    The majority of Cracker Barrel restaurants is still located along the interstate highways. Such places are often hard to reach by public transport. And the manager wonder whether you actually can get to work, and how.

    If you have your own car, the answer is easy. If not, however, you should explain them how you’ll get to the restaurant. Check the options. If you live nearby, you can suggest riding a bike, or even taking a taxi (or a combination of bus and taxi). Just make sure to check the options in advance, and have an explanation ready in the interviews.

    Just pick anything that matters for a job in a restaurant. Communication skills, responsibility, attention to detail, ability to handle a heavy workload and to work in a fast-paced environment, and so on. You can also say that you are a quick learner, since Cracker Barrel has this training program in place.

    If they ask about your weaknesses, pick something that does not matter much for the job–computer skills, managing other people, etc, and ensure them that you always strive to learn new things and improve on your weaknesses. As long as you express this attitude, they will be satisfied with your answer.

    Cracker Barrel is a popular place. And while at certain hours of the day you won’t have much to do, during the peak hours you may not even have a time for a toilet break. You should ensure the manager that you do not expect an easy ride, and are ready to work hard, and under pressure.

    It helps if you can demonstrate this with previous experience, for example from some fast-food restaurant, or other fast-paced environment. Explain the pressure you faced there, and ensure the hiring manager that you did not crack under it.

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