GraphQL Developer Interview Questions and Answers | Top 25 Q&A | 2023


What are the three types of operations in GraphQL?

There are three types of GraphQL operations: queries, mutations and subscriptions. A query reads data, a mutation changes data and a subscription listens for live, streaming data.

How to get data from database using GraphQL?

In GraphQL, you fetch data with the help of queries. A query is a GraphQL Operation that allows you to retrieve specific data from the server. We ask the server for all the todos and their titles in the above query. The “ todos ” represents an object and ” title ” a field.

What is the basic understanding of GraphQL?

It uses what’s called a type system to define data and how it’s accessed. With GraphQL, users can define what data they need in one request and get it back as a JSON response. GraphQL consists of three components: The Query Language – This is what developers use to define what data a client needs from the API.

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