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How to Give an Example of Thinking Outside of a Box During an Interview

6. What is the animal you most identify with?

This is another question hiring managers ask to assess your personality and cultural fit. Be creative, and avoid choosing an obvious animal such as a shark or a horse. Also explain why you chose this animal. Compare its strengths to your skills and the tasks you might perform in the job you are interviewing for.

Example answer: “The animal I most identify with is an octopus. He might seem quiet and unassuming, but hes a master multitasker with those eight limbs, and he can squeeze himself out of nearly any predicament. No ones threatened by the octopus, yet he commands respect. Plus, he lives in a supercool underwater paradise, and one of my favorite pastimes is snorkeling—I try to be out on the water any chance I get.”

12 out-of-the-box interview questions with sample answers

Out-of-the-box questions employers might ask during an interview can range from the unexpected to the shocking. Here are 12 examples of out-of-the-box thinking questions and answers:

Hiring managers might ask you to try to sell them a common object such as a pen, paperclip or coffee mug to test your ability to think quickly and, if you are applying for a sales job, your marketing skills. When responding, focus on the objects benefits rather than its physical features. Remind yourself that there is no wrong answer to this question, and respond with confidence and creativity.

Example answer: “Youre in luck. This isnt an ordinary pen. While it looks normal, its hiding an incredible secret. With just the click of this button, you can turn on and off the ability to read peoples thoughts. See, you just click it like this (demonstrate the pens clicking action), and youre given the gift of mind-reading. When youre ready to mute it, simply click it back off. How would you like to have your superpower at your literal fingertips?”

7. If you had unlimited money, what would you do with it?

Hiring managers ask questions like this to understand your values, passions, motivation and priorities in life. Avoid generic responses such as “buy a new house or car,” and offer something that shows your long-term goals and perspectives.

Example answer: “If I had unlimited funds, I would first set aside a certain amount every month to invest in my childrens education and future. Then I would spend a couple of months fulfilling one of my lifelong goals: To travel to underdeveloped countries and help build housing and infrastructure. Unlimited money would also give me the opportunity to pursue one of my greatest passions in life, which is horses. I could buy a farm and run an equine rescue while also riding and showing my own horses all over the country.”

2. Describe the color blue to someone who can’t see.

Hiring managers might use this question to assess your communication skills, creativity and vocabulary, particularly if you are interviewing for a communications, marketing or writing job. When answering, use adjectives that describe all the other senses besides sight: sound, smell, taste and touch.

Example answer: “Blue is a serene color, like the sound of water lapping at the shores of an alpine lake. Its cool and silky smooth to the touch and smells like fresh air after rain or a soft breeze rippling through the forest. Seeing blue is like tasting chilled spring water, letting it swirl around your tongue before enjoying its refreshing hydration.”

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