38 Highest-Paying Careers in Utah To Consider

Utah is home to some of the most lucrative careers you can find in the United States. Whether you’re looking to break into the medical field, technology, finance, or any other profession, you’re sure to find a high-paying job in the state of Utah. But which professions offer the highest salaries? In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the highest paying careers in Utah and providing you with a comprehensive list of some of the most lucrative jobs in the state. From the tech industry to finance, the list of the highest paying occupations in Utah will give you a good overview of the best career opportunities in the state. We’ll also provide details about the salary and other job benefits for each career listed. Read on to find out more about the best paying jobs in Utah.

23 highest-paying careers in Utah

Heres a list of jobs in Utah. Please click on the links below to view the most recent Indeed salaries:

Principal responsibilities: A financial analyst makes investment recommendations for a company or bank. Financial data, such as business environments, market trends, and industry trends are all subject to analysis. They forecast the results of particular operations or initiatives after analyzing the financial situation. They gather information, make calculations, and share their conclusions with the business and operations teams.

A human resource manager’s main responsibilities include managing the hiring, training, and onboarding of all new employees. They also handle all employee complaints and exit interviews. They also manage benefit enrollment, ensuring that all plans comply with regulations. Each employee of the company has accurate information on file, and the business complies with all applicable state and local laws.

Controlling aircraft traffic in the immediate airspace is an air traffic controller’s main responsibility while working at an airport or airfield. To ensure that all aircraft have a safe flight to their destination, they help coordinate when planes can land and when they can take off. They coordinate searches for lost aircraft, the use of radios, operating lights, and other airport officials’ communication. In order to determine the best flight paths, they may also examine weather reports and aircraft data.

A physician assistant’s main responsibilities include providing patients with primary care in a hospital or clinic. Patients are seen, illnesses and injuries are identified, tests are ordered, and treatments are given. They can also prescribe medication. Physician assistants may run an office, hire and train new staff, and manage the schedule if they are allowed to practice independently of a physician in their state.

Principal responsibilities: A mid- to senior-level architectural project manager works at an architecture or construction firm. They are accountable to the principal architect or design director and manage construction projects from planning to completion. They collaborate closely with the architect and are on-site When the project is finished, they might create a report for review that details the efficiency of various crews and materials as well as the project’s overall metrics.

Primary responsibilities: A sales engineer is employed by a company, has engineering training, and focuses on sales. They test products and provide evaluations on their effectiveness using their knowledge of engineering principles. They frequently work in B2B industries, allowing them to choose the best-engineered products to achieve their corporate objectives.

An economic consultant’s main responsibilities are to conduct economic analyses for businesses and organizations. They gather information and analyze it to create reports and recommendations for enhancing a company’s current programs. Typically, they are employed by consulting firms, which may require them to manage the interests of various clients. Additionally, economic consultants may oversee client communications and informational presentations.

A database administrator is employed by a business or organization that stores a lot of data. They take care of the database regulations, ensuring that the data is accurately stored without duplication or corruption. They can also set up authorizations for the data.

Primary responsibilities: A concrete pump operator pours concrete at a construction site. They control the output of concrete using a truck that is attached to a concrete pump. The machine is setup and operated by the concrete pump operator. Additionally, the operator maintains and cleans the concrete pump until its subsequent project.

A nurse practitioner’s main responsibilities include working in a clinic or hospital. They oversee patient care, administer medications, and provide patient counseling and education. In some states, nurse practitioners can practice independently. They can conduct physical exams, make diagnoses, treat patients, and assist them in maintaining their health.

A midwife is a health care provider with a focus on women’s health. They support women before, during, and following childbirth. Depending on the mother’s preference, midwives may oversee the safety of birth at a birthing center or at a hospital. They can provide mothers with specialized care, gynecological exams, counseling, prescriptions, and other services.

Primary duties: An aeronautical engineer works on aircraft. They design planes and propulsion systems to improve flight technology. To design new aircraft, test it, and coordinate the production of the craft, they research aerodynamics and material performance. Before building a full-scale model, an aeronautical engineer tests the planes, analyzes their performance, and makes adjustments.

A psychologist’s main responsibilities are to examine, identify, and treat mental disorders in clients or to assist clients in understanding and interpreting their feelings and thoughts. To comprehend their patients and effectively communicate with them, they can employ a variety of techniques. Patients schedule appointments with psychologists, who take notes about the conversation and offer feedback during the appointment. They keep records of their sessions and develop treatment plans.

An electrical engineer’s main responsibilities are designing and developing electrical machinery like motors, radar, and navigation systems. They can also work on machinery for power generation or communications systems. In some cases, they can create the designs for vehicles, airplanes, or electrical systems. They supervise the device’s testing and production after designing the system.

Primary responsibilities: A nuclear engineer designs and develops modifications to how we use these machines to construct nuclear power plants. They create devices like reading instruments, radiation shields, and reactor cores. Many nuclear engineers develop, construct, and test their designs in teams to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Primary responsibilities: A network architect manages a company’s network system. Typically, they collaborate with the teams utilizing the network to identify their needs and formulate solutions. The network architect then develops a strategy for updating the system by adding new components and rearranging connections. In the interim, they also carry out maintenance procedures to guarantee the network is functioning properly.

An information systems manager oversees a company’s or organization’s computer operations as one of their main responsibilities. They look into software that might enhance business operations and plan its installation. The manager is also in charge of keeping an eye on the system after it has been installed to oversee any updates or security holes that may need to be fixed. Additionally, they can help any staff member with inquiries or requests relating to technology.

Primary duties: A chief executive officer is a top-level manager. They oversee important corporate choices and are in charge of the business plan for new projects. Additionally, they oversee all business operations and resources, approving departmental budgets and managing appointments to other managerial positions. The CEO frequently works with the board of directors to implement their preferences into daily operations.

Primary responsibilities: A pharmacist distributes medical drugs in the proper dosages while employed in a hospital or pharmacy. They share information about adverse effects and possible interactions between certain medications with doctors and patients. They can also give recommendations about dosage. Some pharmacists conduct health and wellness screenings and provide immunizations. Depending on where they work, they might be in charge of ordering new medications, taking inventory, and stocking the pharmacy.

Principal responsibilities: An engineering manager oversees projects at an engineering firm. They suggest project budgets and monitor spending to make sure the project makes use of the resources allotted to it. The manager also develops plans to guarantee that teams deliver projects on schedule. Many managers conduct research and create their product designs, but they’re also in charge of hiring and developing new talent whenever they see a need.

A doctor’s main responsibilities are to work in a hospital or a private practice. They see patients for annual checkups to monitor their health. Otherwise, patients can schedule appointments with a doctor to help with diagnosis and treatment if they are ill or injured. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor may give the patient a prescription or refer them to another specialist. The doctor records each visit and corresponds with the health insurance providers to confirm payment.

Primary responsibilities: A dentist collaborates with other dental professionals in a private office. They examine patients’ teeth and gums with them to look for decay, disease, or malformations. Through the use of sealants and caps, they treat tooth damage, remove decay, and fill cavities. Dentists may prescribe antibiotics or other medications after procedures.

Primary responsibilities: An orthodontist works in a doctor’s office, assisting patients in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of the teeth, mouth, and jaw. Orthodontists prepare the mouth, plan the placement of braces and other devices, and carry them out. They may also design and apply individualized appliances.

Additional high-paying jobs in Utah

Here are a few more lucrative positions in Utah and their average yearly pay:

High Paying Jobs in Salt Lake and Utah County | Top 5 Industries & Employers


What is the highest paid job in Utah?

Average Salary in Utah. $45,234 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $67,851 is the 75th percentile.

What is a good Salary in Utah?

According to conventional wisdom, the top position in this article belongs to the anesthesiologist, who earns the highest salary worldwide. They are the only position listed that pays more than $300,000 annually. Mega-CEOs like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos, who earn significantly more than that, are not included in the list.

What is the most Highing paying job?

$22,617 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $35,734 is the 75th percentile.

What is a good starting Salary in Utah?

$22,617 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $35,734 is the 75th percentile.

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