How Much Does an Average Football Player Make? (And Other Football Salaries)

According to Forbes, Wilson, who is currently the highest-paid player in the NFL, extended his contract with the Seahawks for a record four years and $140 million in April. Elliott, who is currently the highest-paid running back in the league, recently extended his contract with the Cowboys for a further six years and $90 million.

Wilson and Elliott are among a select group of NFL players who have lucrative contracts, but their multimillion dollar deals do not compare to the pay of many of their competitors. In fact, hundreds of NFL players make the league minimum, which is obviously much more than the average worker, for every high earner in the league.

The average NFL salary was only about $2 when you take into account all the players earning these minimum wages as well as the rewards for a team’s golden boy. 7 million in 2017, according to The L. A. Times. That’s less than three-quarters of the $4 million average salary of a major league baseball player, and less than half of the $7 million average salary of an NBA player. 1 million on average.

However, due to outliers like Wilson and Elliott boosting the average with their exorbitant earnings, even that average salary is likely too high to accurately reflect what an NFL everyman makes in a year. According to The Houston Chronicle, the median salary for all NFL players is actually around $860,000, which is much closer to the amounts specified in the sports minimum payment guidelines.

In terms of payouts, quarterbacks typically fare the best; their average salary is $5. 76 million and the median wage is $1. 1 million, according to The Houston Chronicle. Conversely, running backs can anticipate an average salary of around $1 million and a median wage of just $630,000.

What does a professional football player do?

Professional football players practice in addition to competing in regular games to keep getting better. They stay in top physical condition to play well in every game and help their teammates. Football players must memorize and practice executing specific plays and defensive strategies from various teams in order to use them during games. Professional athletes utilize press conferences, events, and various sponsorship deals to market both themselves and their teams.

How much does the average football player make?

A professional football player’s career prospects include both drawbacks and advantages. Due to the physical demands of the game, a successful football player who makes it to the NFL has the potential for a high salary, but a typical career lasts less than 10 years. Also, there are only around 1,500 positions in the NFL. However, a football player can also work for the following seven other professional leagues:

There are also three developmental leagues. A developmental league’s goal is to provide players with a setting to hone their abilities before being scouted by the NFL. You may refer to these leagues as minor league football. These leagues are:

Requirements for a professional football player

Here are some requirements to become a professional football player:


To be a professional player, no specific degree is necessary. The NFL, however, mandates that its athletes be at least three years out of high school. This rule promotes maturity and experience in their players. Many NFL players use their time in college to gain experience, which can instruct them on football tactics and strategies, assisting them in building the skills they need to be successful in their careers.

While some choose to enter the NFL before graduating, the majority decide to finish their degrees before being selected by a professional team.


A player must consistently practice to maintain a strong and agile physique in order to play professional football. Several times a day, many professional football players train with weights or with cardio exercises. Beyond physical training, they also have to practice their position. Each player on the team plays a specific position on the field. The players’ responsibility is to comprehend how their positions work and how to take advantage of their on-field responsibilities to help the team and help them win games. Young people who are talented football players are often recruited by high schools and colleges to train with them.


A football player uses a variety of skills in football. They can combine their talents during every practice and game to help the team succeed. No matter what position they play, football players generally possess the following abilities:

How to become a football player

Here are some steps you can take if you want to pursue a career in professional football:

1. Play football in high school

Youth football is played by many professional football players, but high school football is where you can hone your skills. The first step toward being acknowledged for your abilities is frequently participating on your high school football team. Your high school coach can help you develop a positional specialization as well as your strategy and teamwork abilities.

2. Attend college football camps

High school students can attend summer camps offered by many colleges to hone their skills. These camps can help you develop your skills and provide beneficial networking opportunities. These camps are frequently held by colleges to find potential recruits. You might impress scouts and improve your chances of playing at a prestigious school by going to the camp.

The most prestigious collegiate level, Division I, is where students have the best chance of making it to the NFL. Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Championship Subdivision (FCS) are two additional divisions for Division I schools. If you are unable to play for a Division I institution, you can play for a Division II or Division III institution and try to catch the attention of scouts.

3. Develop a press kit

A press kit is a resume that lists your name, your position on the team, and your player accomplishments. It often includes video footage of you playing football. You can highlight your standout on-field performances when creating your press kit. To demonstrate your skills, you can show recruiters for college football teams your press kit. Your press kit can help you get into college if you make a good impression.

4. Contact a sports agent

You can work with a sports agent while still in high school or college to help you stand out to collegiate or professional recruiters. Sports agents can help you represent your interests because they have connections on professional teams. They can distribute your press kit to potential clients and concentrate on the commercial aspects of professional sports, such as contract negotiations. By letting an agent handle these details, you can concentrate on honing your football abilities.

5. Get noticed by college recruiters

You can often benefit from going to college before starting a professional career because the NFL’s rules about playing professional football after high school often require it. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) recruits for collegiate sports. There are rules governing how to approach recruiters and carry out the hiring process. Additionally, they demand that recruits sign National Letters of Intent (NLI), contracts that guarantee the recruit will play for the recruited college for at least a year.

By having your sports agent or coach contact recruiters with tapes of your best performances and references, you can attempt to get their attention. Invite recruiters to your games so they can see your abilities in person. Many teams hold open tryouts at the start of the school year if a college team doesn’t recruit you.

6. Declare for the NFL draft

Each NFL team selects eligible players to join their squad and become professional athletes during the NFL draft. Team representatives collaborate to choose the best players from a pool, occasionally exchanging different picks to negotiate with other teams. You can play exceptionally well in college football and make connections with NFL scouts to become a desired player. You can declare your eligibility before the NFL draft, informing NFL teams that you want to be a professional athlete. Once you declare, you can no longer play collegiate football because you are a professional.

4 other jobs in football

Here are four other jobs in professional football:

A football manager’s main responsibilities include managing the team’s personnel and contracts. This includes players, coaches and additional administrative staff. They make personnel and strategic choices on behalf of the football team’s owner in order to meet their own and the shareholders’ financial objectives.

A football analyst’s main responsibilities include working for a professional or collegiate team. They evaluate each player to assist in creating training plans that will boost their effectiveness. In order to help plan strategies for when they play against other teams, they also provide information about their strengths and weaknesses.

An assistant football coach’s main responsibilities include assisting the head coach in team development and player interaction. To help create game plans, they frequently watch game footage of competing teams and research plays for the team. They might also look for and bring in new team members.

A football coach’s main responsibilities are to motivate and train players at all football levels. They have in-depth knowledge of the sport and apply it to develop team leadership strategies and aid in the improvement of players’ individual skills.

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How much does the average football player get a year?

The median salary for all NFL players is $860,000. Not a bad income, but still a long way from the $2 million that receives more attention. To put things in perspective, the starting salary for a rookie is $435,000.

What is the average a football player makes?

Nfl football players in the US earn salaries ranging from $208,507 to $5,596,415 per year, with a median wage of $1,018,301. The middle 57% of Nfl Football Players makes between $1,018,339 and $2,539,949, with the top 86% making $5,596,415

How much do average NFL players make?

According to, how much does a typical NFL player make? According to com, a website that tracks NFL contracts, the average yearly salary for 34 NFL players is $20 million. To top it all off, the highest paid player in the league currently earns an average annual salary of $45 million.

Who is the lowest paid NFL player?

Tyrone Swoopes, a tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, earned the least money in the NFL for the 2019–20 season. The 2017 draft pick, a free agent, was signed and released nine times from the Seahawks practice squad. According to 7Up Sports, Swoopes was paid a pitiful $378,000 per year.

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