How To Write a Good Call to Action (With Examples)

Hook, Line, and Sinker: 7 Tips for a Killer Call-to-Action
  1. Use a strong command verb to start your CTA. …
  2. Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm. …
  3. Give your audience a reason why they should take the desired action. …
  4. Take Advantage of FOMO. …
  5. Know your devices. …
  6. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

Call-to-Action: How to Write High-Converting CTAs (+ Examples)

How to write a call to action

Review these steps to write an effective call to action that drives sales and customers to your brand:

1. Use action verbs to begin your call to action

You want to use the verbs that match the action you want potential customers to take. If youre posting on social media or ads to be shown on search engines, you need to be even more concise as youll have a set character limit to work with. Words like “buy, order, download” and “fill out” can ask users to perform different actions that correspond with the ones you desire.

2. Finish your call to action with something that promotes enthusiasm from your target audience

You need to evoke emotion that relates to them having an urgency to purchase your product. However, it means you need to be passionate in your approach to cause a similar reaction. An example can be for a customer to take advantage of a Black Friday sale and get 70% off on purchases until midnight. Another can be to plan your weekend getaway today, but you should end these types of calls to action with an exclamation point to attract attention from users interested in this deal.

3. List your unique selling proposition

Customers always need to know about how a call to action affects them and their needs. Does this call to action provide insight about saving on expenses, or can it assist them in improving in the workplace? Finding out what can get leads to advance into the next stage of the buying process makes for a practical call to action. A free consultation can spike their curiosity and expose them to your unique selling proposition.

4. Highlight the deadlines for important sales on your products

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Fourth of July sales can give the customer a chance to capitalize on a one-time offer. However, sales during this time construct a bandwagon approach to your marketing efforts, and you can tempt customers that have gift ideas for their loved ones or want to do something nice for a friend around certain holidays or seasons.

5. Consider user behavior on different devices

User behavior changes if theyre using a laptop or smartphone. Smartphone users typically want faster results, while laptop and tablet users typically spend more time researching and browsing before they want to buy.

A call to action that can stand out for smartphone users is to call your company or click on the link to your website for more information. Be sure your website is user-friendly on these devices before proceeding. Search engines also offer opportunities for ads that are only visible on mobile devices.

What is a call to action?

A call to action is a component of a written message that inspires customers and leads them to act on your post, which is directly beneficial for your organization. A call to action can extend beyond marketing and communicate an action with a wide-ranging impact on others, such as recycling glass bottles or read another article to get more information about a certain topic. If you craft a well-written call to action, your viewership may become consistent advocates for your brand while expanding the exposure of your products and services.

A few common products that marketers try to use a call to action for include:

Free product trials

Free trials give customers a glimpse of your product before they get the chance to purchase it. This way, theyll have the option to proceed in buying your product, but it also provides the opportunity for your sales team to find out what led them to their decision and if theyll consider buying from your company in the future. A call to action can be gratifying for the customer because of their admiration for instant access, but customers should expect further interaction with your company once they click on the link.

Company-created content

Many calls to action link back to content published on your website, so you should have a dedicated team publishing relevant content that establishes your companys thought leadership. Thought leadership means youre constantly influencing the opinion of customers and other business leaders within your industry, which not only drives profit but a growing chance to be memorable for years to come. In other words, calls to action can give customers the choice to take action and absorb meaningful content that impacts their core values and stay connected to your organization.

Customers and user experience surveys

If your companys success derives from specific products or product lines, use your call to action to generate feedback from customers on your email list to see their initial thoughts of it. You should give your customers an incentive to fill out surveys, so you can get honest responses while rewarding them to communicate with your company. A gift card to a well-recognized partner of your brand is a notable incentive to boost their inspiration as well.

Call to action examples

Review these sample calls to action to help you revise your own and better reach your target audience:

Example 1:

Call to action: Purchase our ebook

Revised call to action: Check out why marketers are reading this best-seller to expand their marketing efforts.

Example 2:

Call to action: Use eco-friendly straws

Revised call to action: When you drink using plastic straws, you have a higher risk of using materials that pollute ocean life. Use eco-friendly straws to minimize the impact of pollution under the sea and worldwide.


How do you write a call to action phrase?

“Buy Now” or “Download Now” are typical examples. But a CTA can run longer, too, such as “Subscribe today so you’ll never miss a post.” The possibilities are endless. A good CTA can help with decision fatigue and give meaning to your content.

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