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Interviews for Top Jobs at Dropbox

Software Engineer Interview:

  1. Design and create a folder access system?
  2. Design a distributed logging system?
  3. Given some root, find all duplicate files, and return them. Extension1: Assuming you used hashing, can we minimize the number of hashing operations?
  4. Write an ID allocator. One that can allocate and release IDs. Extension1: Can we make it more space efficient? Extension2: Can we make it faster?
  5. Given a function that fetches the html of a webpage, and a function that fetches links from the html text – write a web-crawler that will find all the links. Extension1: Can we make it threaded?
  6. Duplicate File System Question in leetcode?
  7. Find the n most viewed pictures given a list of ids
  8. Coding questions followed by behavioral?
  9. How will you seek 10 gb file without loading it in memory?

Software Engineer(Internship) Interview:

  1. Simple text editor hackerrank was one of them, forgot the rest.
  2. Why do you want to work at Dropbox?
  3. Are you interviewing with other companies?
  4. Escape room keypads question on hackerrank
  5. Escape room keyboard. input: [‘apple’, ‘pleas’, please] ouput:[0,1,3,2,0]
  6. Tell me about yourself in college?Leetcode medium for first round, leetcode hard then medium for final rounds. Behavioral was a list of redundant questions about projects that I did which were fairly easy to answer
  7. Find duplicate files, it’s an old question but has some small changes and updates.
  8. Given a directory of directories and other files, return an array of arrays which contains file paths of files with similar content.

Associate Program Interview:

  1. In order to enter market x, how would proceed?
  2. What problems will you encounter and how would you solve them?
  3. Which are the most profitable sectors/industries for Dropbox?
  4. How can Dropbox be improved?
  5. Which feature is still missing?
  6. If you can pick any superpower, what would it be?
  7. What do you think the difference between U.S. and EU market in term of new users?
  8. Dropbox is now installed on samsung devices. Help me estimate how many new users dropbox acquired last month in the city of Paris.
  9. How would you prioritize a lot of requests, if you couldn’t manage them all?
  10. How many new users did Dropbox gain in your hometown since it is pre-installed on Android phones?
  11. What are you most proud of? If you get up in the morning and you feel really bad, what motivates you to start the day?
  12. How would you sell Dropbox for Business to a company?
  13. How would you explain cloud storage to an old person?
  14. Why Dropbox and not Airbnb or Google, etc.?

Dropbox interview questions

Big, successful tech company that makes money by selling a product rather than its users’ private data; product is beloved by many; practically limitless scope for career growth of individual contributors, without needing to transition to management; effective processes for high-level product and technical decision-making; great work/life balance; top-tier office and job perks. Take people management more seriously as a skill; work with technical leadership to foster a stronger culture around code quality.

We, not I Were a village, and as members, we each need to do our part for the village to thrive. We tackle a never-ending stream of people, product, and business challenges, many of which are far too hard to be solved by a single person or team. We believe in people really knowing each other and in putting the welfare of Dropbox and our users before ourselves.

Aim Higher Set audacious goals. We believe in taking risks and being willing to disrupt ourselves, so we dont squander an opportunity to build something much bigger. With the density of incredible talent at Dropbox and the size of the opportunity in front of us, we owe it to each other to push limits.

The entire interview process usually takes about 3 weeks. Step 1: Phone screen with recruiter, which can include technical questions Step 2: Online coding test Step 3 2 technical phone interviews These questions require the candidate to write code using Coderpad to solve a couple of problems. Step 4 Onsite interview The onsite includes 3 engineering interviews, 1 demo session, and an hour-long culture fit interview. It is a combination of technology conversations, whiteboard coding, and system design questions.

Cupcake Surprise and delight each other and our users. Cupcake is about adding an authentic, human touch to everything we do. But more than that, its about finding creative ways to make our users (and each other) smile whether its our quirky illustrations, or bringing a roving ice cream cart to the office to celebrate a product launch. We believe that the magic we create together as Dropboxers translates into magic for our users. Company Hiring Categories Compensation Median Salaries Featured More Top Company Guides

The information about the interview process for data scientist at Dropbox is limited.

Stage 1: Technical phone screen with hiring manager

Stage 2: Coding challenge It seems that the process starts with HR setting a technical phone screening by the hiring manager.

Stage 3: Onsite interview Candidate presents the coding challenge during the onsite.

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Dropbox

  • Show how your personality will not only add to the company but, to your team. Really embody the cupcake mission statement.Shared on December 15, 2018 – Account Executive – Promotion – San Francisco, CA

What was your interview with Dropbox like?Your insights will help other jobseekers.

  • Casual (t-shirt and jeans)41 %
  • Business casual (e.g. dress slacks)35 %
  • Special outfit (e.g. protective gear)12 %
  • Formal (business suit)6 %
  • They didn’t have a dress code6 %

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